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International conference to celebrate 8 March 2010 / (Gothenburg, Sweden, 6 March 2010)

Wednesday 24 February 2010, by siawi

International conference to celebrate 8 March

International Women’s Day

Solidarity with women’s struggle in the world

For freedom, equality, security and secularism

Organisation for Women’s Liberation and European Feminist Initiative are organising an international conference on 6 March 2010, for the celebration of international women’s day, 8 March, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The theme of the conference is:

How secularism plays a vital role in the struggle for women’s equality and security and in fighting violence against women

In the face of backlash against women’s rights, women must unite to say STOP and make changes happen. As one important tool to mobilize a strong movement to achieve these goals, it is crucial to bring activists from around the world together to exchange experiences and to share views. We organised a very successful international conference in March 2009 in Gothenburg, entitled: “Why is secularism essential?” to open discussions on the importance of secularism for the women’s movement. The international conference in Skopje, Macedonia in October 2009 also brought together more than hundred activists from around the globe to address these issues and to create solidarity and advancement of women’s cause. The conference launched an Appeal for a Secular World Free of Militarism, Patriarchy and Religious Domination.

The conference on 6 March 2010 will try to focus on these important issues in our present day and to express solidarity with women around the world in their struggle for freedom, equality and security and against violence. We would like to extend our support to women in Iran, in these difficult but exciting times and in their open fight against one of the most misogynist regimes of modern time.

Speakers :

Nawal el Sadawi, writer and veteran women’s rights activist from Egypt is our guest of honour

Malalai Joya, well-know women’s rights activist and member of Loya Jirga, Afghanistan

Maria Guaman, lawyer, immigration rights, Sweden

Lilian Halls-French, president of European Feminist Initiative, France

Marieme Helie Lucas, founder of WLUML and coordinator of SIAWI, Algeria/France

Azar Majedi, writer, President of OWL and coordination member of EFI Iran/England

Cris Mc.Curley, Solicitor, working with women suffering from honour violence

Gjuner Nebiu, Presidnet of Antico, Macedonia

Maria Rachidi, the chair of Women’s rights Association and Member of co-ordination committee of Network against honour related violence Sweden/Iran

Nina Sankari, President of EFI, Poland

Gudrun TIBBE Tiberg, journalist, Responsible for Women for Peace and politically active for the Feministic initiative (FI), in western Sweden



Tel. 0046 737262622

Saturday 6 March, 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden

Poster 8 March 2010