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Sri Lanka: Looking beyond the Constitutional Crisis

Thursday 8 November 2018, by siawi3

Source: Woman Power for Democracy, 7.11.18

Looking beyond the Constitutional Crisis

As women of Sri Lanka , we strongly condemn, the removal of the incumbent Prime Minister, by the President on 26th October 2018, as an unconstitutional, undemocratic, illegal, disgraceful and malicious act.
Much has been spoken and written about the unconstitutionality of the President’s move. Therefore, it suffices at this moment , to call upon the President to convene the Parliament as soon as possible and allow the people’s elected representatives to resolve this crisis.

It is our view, that democracy is not limited to the constitution and governance only. Democracy in a broad sense, means economic, social and political freedom for all citizens in a plural society; space for the citizens to actively participate in decision making on development ; transforming personal, social and cultural relations to a higher level ; personal freedom, security and dignity for all; an abundance of humane and democratic values , principles, practices and attitudes and many other positive the social fabric.

In this broad sense, the so called democratic rule in Sri Lanka by the Elite during the last seventy years, for us women, and for the vast majority of people including ethnic and religious minorities, is a betrayal, an illusion, a mirage, devoid of any meaning. This bitter reality points strongly to the fact that we must stop our journey along the path of this elite rule, put an end to ethnical fragmentation and turn in another direction, as united Sri Lankans, for alternate development, for democracy, equality, rights, justice and well being for women and for all citizens.

It is inspiring to note that the intellectuals, professionals, trade unions ,women, university teachers , workers and farmers in many parts of Sri Lanka have understood this reality and have taken the initiative to build a new, non-partisan social political third force by now. . This innovative move for a viable non-partisan social political third force is the silver line in the dark cloud of decay, degeneration and despair looming large across the sky over Sri Lanka at this moment.

Considering this critical moment in the history of our country, we as women, should come up as a strong, independent group, with a long-term vision for our liberation and work together with the new non-partisan social political third force for democracy, development and justice for us women and for all citizens in a plural, peaceful society.

Woman Power for Democracy
Convenor - Rohini Weerasinghe
7th November 2018