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Steps towards a hate-free India

Saturday 9 February 2019, by siawi3

Source: CJP 6.02.19

Steps towards a hate-free India

by Citizens for Justice and Peace

On the 30th of January, on the day of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, we launched our new mobile app Hate Hatao, to allow citizens like you to submit to us reports of instances of hate that you may encounter.

On that very day, we received several separate reports of an incident where Hindu Mahasabha national secretary, Pooja Shakun Pandey, was captured on video leading chants glorifying Gandhi’s assassinator, then shooting at an effigy of Gandhi, on a day where thousands were mourning his death. So, we took action.
We have written to the DGP of Uttar Pradesh, copying the SP of Aligarh, where the incident took place, acknowledging that FIRs have been registered, but calling on the police to ensure a complete and thorough investigation into those involved. Read more of our response below.


Hate Hatao: the media’s on our side.
Within a few days of launching Hate Hatao, we’ve received many words of encouragement from the press. We thank them for helping to spread the word about Hate Hatao, and for contributing to our wider goal of a hate-free India! Take a look at op-eds in The Wire and Max Maharashtra, and media mentions in The Asian Age, The Hindu and Inkhabar.

Fighting hatred since the very beginning.
Born out of the desire to stop hatred, we were founded on the Constitutional values of harmony, dialogue, and understanding between all sections of Indians. Hate Watch is an effort to bring to account those who seek to divide Indian society along arbitrary lines for the sake of personal and political gain.

Our Secretary Teesta Setalvad has long worked against communalism and the hatred it fosters. As far back as 2003, CJP and other concerned citizens petitioned the Supreme Court with the object of curbing hate speech, and as time has progressed, we’ve continued our efforts to fight hate with innovative solutions such as Hate Hatao.

CJP in action: HATE WATCH

Yours for justice,

Citizens for Justice and Peace