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Israel-Palestine: Hollywood’s stars in Israel’s prisons ?!

Saturday 27 February 2016, by siawi3



This week’s Oscars are our chance to draw attention to the 500 Palestinian children who are suffering out of sight in Israeli prisons right now. Israel aims to get good publicity by offering a paid trip for all Oscar winners. But if enough of us come together now, we can publicly invite the stars to visit imprisoned Palestinian children too, and get that story all over the world’s media. Add your name to the invitation now:

Add your name

Dear friends,

More than 500 Palestinian children are imprisoned by Israel right now and many of them endure terrible abuse like beatings and harassment. Most people around the world don’t know anything about their plight. But we have a rare opportunity to tell the world about Palestine’s imprisoned stars — its children.

The Israeli government is offering a $55,000 trip to Israel for Oscar winners, trying to use celebrities’ fame to whitewash its image in the eyes of the world. But if thousands of us invite the stars to visit Palestine as well to learn about our child prisoners, then we can make this the story and create a media storm in Hollywood.

The global media asking film stars if they’ll accept our invitation to meet child prisoners and their families could be the tipping point that forces Israel to release our children.

We have no time to lose — the Oscars are this weekend. Add your name to the invitation now, then send widely, to make this massive today.

Israel wants to use the endorsement of some of the world’s biggest celebrities to restore their international clout. They want to hide the ugly face of the occupation behind photos of Hollywood stars on Tel Aviv beaches. The stars will be given an all expenses paid journey so that they can paint a rosy picture of Israel — and Palestinians will be hidden from sight.

It may seem petty or inconsequential to care about what a Hollywood star thinks, but they have a massive following in the media all over the world. And if we frame our invitation as a way to balance what they see on their trip, it will be hard to turn down. And the stars — and the journalists with them — can help spread understanding of the everyday reality of the occupation.

This propaganda trip could become a win for the struggle for freedom and dignity in Palestine. We can show the world what happens to Palestine’s future stars, the children, who have their dreams shattered by Israel’s imprisonment policies. It’s impossible to see a child in prison and think they deserve their long sentence, or meet their family and remain indifferent. This is how we’ll turn this story in our favour.

Add your voice to the invitation now, the more of us that join, the more likely that we can convince the stars to visit Palestine, and encourage the media to cover this story.

A free Palestine is within sight, but like the fight against Apartheid in South Africa, it will take international pressure to win. Millions of Avaaz members have taken action on Palestine over the years, now let’s make sure some of the biggest celebrities in the world hear our point of view.

With hope,

Fadi, Alex, Emily, Falastine, Patri and the whole Avaaz team


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