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Pakistani comedians’ powerful message for Paris attack victims goes viral

To Paris, from Pakistan

Wednesday 4 May 2016, by siawi3


November 17, 2015, 11:05 pm

House of Lolz, an Islamabad based comedy group has managed to send out a powerful message that has touched the hearts of thousands following the brutal Paris attacks that took place on November 13.

In the video, the group has sent out the message that Pakistanis understand and feel the pain of the Parisians at this point in time since incidents like these are not uncommon in Pakistan. The group further emphasised on ensuring that the negative image that Pakistan is associated with is proven to be wrong.

"As you may know, on 13 November the French capital suffered barbaric acts of terror. And we’d like you to know that we’re just as horrified as everyone else around the world...

We are completely praying for your safety and security. We actually are one of the few nations who completely understand what you guys are going through. Why? Because incidents like these are really common in Pakistan."They went on to state that Muslims, too, are affected by terrorism and on a list of the top ten countries affected by terrorism, 8 were Muslim countries. The video emphasised on how a small fragment of a certain community could not be held responsible for the image of the entire community.

So far, the video has been shared over 24000 times from the group’s Facebook page alone.

View the video here