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Escape from Syria: Rania’s odyssey

Friday 4 August 2017, by siawi3


Escape from Syria: Rania’s odyssey

Publié par The Guardian
Rania Mustafa Ali, Ayman Al Husseen, Anders Hammer, Erik Thorvald Aster, Michael Tait , Mat Heywood,

Wednesday 2 August 2017 10.30 BST

Rania Mustafa Ali, 20, filmed her journey from the ruins of Kobane in Syria to Austria. She is cheated by smugglers, teargassed and beaten at the Macedonian border. She risks drowning in the Mediterranean, travelling in a boat meant to hold 15 people but stuffed with over 50. Her footage shows what many refugees face on their perilous journey to Europe.

This film was produced and directed by Anders Somme Hammer.
It was edited by Mat Heywood for The Guardian and commissioned and executive produced by Michael Tait

VIDEO here