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Sudan Crisis: Doctors Accuse Troops Of Rape After Treating Over 70 Cases Of Rape In Aftermath Of Attack On Protest

The names of 100 people killed in a week of deadly violence

Friday 14 June 2019, by siawi3


Sudan Crisis: Doctors Accuse Troops Of Rape After Treating Over 70 Cases Of Rape In Aftermath Of Attack On Protest

17 hours ago Ayonline

Doctors believe that paramilitaries carried out more than 70 rapes during an attack on a protest camp in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, a week ago.

More than 100 people were killed and as many as 700 injured in the attack last Monday on a sit-in and clashes afterwards, as paramilitaries from the Rapid Support Forces spread through the city to quell sporadic unrest.

Shocking details of rapes by the RSF have emerged in recent days despite restrictions on communications in Sudan, but the extent of the sexual violence has remained unknown. One doctor with access to data compiled by the central committee of doctors, a pro-reform group, said hospitals in Khartoum had recorded more than 70 cases of rape in the attack and its immediate aftermath.

A doctor at the Royal Care hospital said it had treated eight victims of rape five women and three men. At a second hospital in the south of Khartoum, a medical source said it had received two rape cases, including one who was attacked by four RSF paramilitaries.

Several witnesses have also described similar cases on social media. Many victims have not sought medical treatment, either because of fear of reprisals, insecurity in the city, or because care has been limited. Human rights activists and experts have described the reports of sexual violence as reliable.

The crisis in Sudan continued on Monday with the second day of a general strike aimed at relaunching an opposition movement battered by a brutal crackdown, and forcing the country’s military leaders to resign. Shops were closed and streets were empty throughout Khartoum and in the neighbouring city of Omdurman, though there was visibly more traffic in the streets than on Sunday, when the strike began.

Four protesters were killed in sporadic violence in the two cities over the weekend. A top US diplomat will head to the country this week to urge an end to the crackdown. Tibor Nagy, the US assistant secretary of state for African affairs, plans to meet both members of the military leadership and protest leaders in Khartoum.



Sudan: The names of 100 people killed in a week of deadly violence

At least 112 Sudanese have been killed since the military’s deadly crackdown on a sit-in protest, doctors say

Photo: Mohammed Mattar, Abdelsalam Kisha and Abbas Farah were killed when Sudanese forces attacked Khartoum’s sit-in (social media)

By MEE staff

Published date: 12 June 2019 14:57 UTC | Last update: 5 hours 49 min ago

The names of 100 people killed since Sudanese forces launched a deadly crackdown on a peaceful sit-in earlier this month have been released.

The casualty figures after the army’s 3 June assault on the Khartoum protest sit-in, as well as over subsequent days of violence, have been unclear. Early reports said more than 100 people were killed in the crackdown.

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Doctors and activists aligned with Sudan’s opposition movement say they believe many more may have died, however, and they have accused the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group of dumping bodies into the Nile River.

On Wednesday, the Sudanese Doctors’ Syndicate published a list of 112 people that were killed in the week of violence, including 12 who have not been identified yet.

Among them were at least 12 children.

Most of the people on the list died from gunfire, but 15 people were stabbed to death, the syndicate said. Others on the list died from burns, crushed skulls or after being run over by pick-up trucks.

Here are the names of the 100 people who were killed since 3 June, as well as their ages wherever available:

1 Abdel Salam Keisha Abdel Salam (25)
2 Mujtaba Salah Ahmed al-Hadi
3 Ali Mohammed al-Noor (25)
4 Said Mohammed Said (39)
5 Mohammed Hashem Salah Matar (26)
6 Salaheldin Eltayeb Saif al-Dawleh Abdurrahman Ali Taha (26)
7 Al-Numan Ragab Kafi (29)
8 Ahmed Mohammed Al-Faki (29)
9 Faiza Ahmed Othman (60)
10 Murad al-Tijani Mohammed Haj al-Khader (6)
11 Huzaifa Mohammed Abdullah (15)
12 Burai Mutasem Saifuddin (18)
13 Faisal Abdel Aziz Abdullah (38)
14 Abbas Farah Abbas (27)
15 Ismail Ali Abdel Hadi (42)
16 Adam al-Doma (40)
17 Mahmoud Abdullah al-Amir (22)
18 Daw al-Beit Ibrahim Mokhtar (28)
19 Othman Abdeen Mahmoud (28)
20 Hanafi Abdel Shakour Hanafi (22)
21 Khater Hussien Khater (21)
22 Othman Mohammed Qasem al-Said (20)
23 Munzer Yousef al-Amin (28)
24 Abdelwahab al-Said (54)
25 Saad Mansour Abdeen (20)
26 Amro Ibrahim (25)
27 Oday Bashir Noori (14)
28 Walid Bakheet al-Taib (35)
29 Ibrahim Musa (51)
30 Othman Ibrahim Hussein
31 Mudther Idris Mohammed Zein (26)
32 Eid Farouq Ahmed (32)
33 Othman Hasab-allah Sadiq (16)
34 Mohammed Fathi Ali Ibrahim (13)
35 Ahmed Jaafar Mustafa Khogaly
36 Awad Said Atayia
37 Mahmoud Ahmed Abdelqayoum
38 Yaser
39 Al-Wasileh Nader
40 Rana Joun
41 Mustafa al-Taj Mohammed Othman (19)
42 Burai Adam Yousef (19)
43 Al-Haj Suleiman (16)
44 Moaz Abdullah (20)
45 Ayoub Mohammed Abkar (20)
46 Naji Khandouqy Eissa (8)
47 Mohanad Mohammed Fuad (14)
48 Haitham Anwar (15)
49 Musaab Said Shagheel (23)
50 Mohammed Abdel Mahmoud Fadel Al-Mawla Said (32)
51 Ezuddin Mohammed Bushra (41)
52 Sadiq al-Haj Ahmed Abkar (17)
53 Omar Mohammed Hussein Bahar (23)
54 Al-Amin Ismail Al-Amin (27)
55 Hussam Said Al-Yazal (40)
56 Lawal William Pak
57 Jaddu Mohammed Barka Hamdan (22)
58 Mujahed Jumaa Ramadan (24)
59 Mohammed Al-Sir Khamees Ibrahim (22)
60 Amer Adam Yousef Abdelkarim (17)
61 Jumaa Ismail Ahmed Sharafuddin (35)
62 Mohammed Idris al-Fakki Jaddu
63 Baderuddin Rabei Mohammed Ali
64 Saber al-Tijani Abdurrahman
65 Al-Nazeer Abdurrahman
66 Yaser Ali Mohammed Abdullah
67 Mujahed Ezuddin Mohammed Naser
68 Othman Said Ahmed
69 Mohammed Al-Mujtaba Abdurrahman Daweina
70 Mustafa Suleiman Abdullah Raoumeh
71 Ali Fadel Al-Ati Ali
72 Ali Saboun Hassan
73 Sadiq Ibrahim Othman
74 Mohammed Taj al-Sir Mohammed
75 Abdel Aziz Said Amin
76 Ghaboush Mubarak Adam
77 Essam Mohammed Noor (Police officer)
78 Amro Anas Mohammed Al-Safi (Child)
79 Walid Abdurrahman Salem (37)
80 Ayman Ousama (17)
81 Jaber-allah Mohammed Muala (20)
82 Al-Maleeh Mohammed Muala (18)
83 Tajuddin al-Awal Darman (30)
84 Mohammed Suleiman Galfour
85 Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed (21)
86 Ibrahim Saleh Omar
87 Othman Ibrahim Ishaq al-Qouni (12)
88 Al-Hasan
89 Samuel Emanuel
90 Zamran Hasan Yousef (21)
91 Magdy Adam Babaker (22)
92 Al-Moez Suleiman
93 Al-Fadel Zakaria Ibrahim
94 Adam Abdullah Al-Noor
95 Mohammed Souly
96 Abdullah Hamou
97 Mohammed Adam Ramadan
98 Abdul Aziz Adam al-Noor
99 AlShiekh Shamsuddin
100 Adam Yacoub Khater