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India: “The history of our country is characterised by too much forgetting.â€

Friday 28 June 2019, by siawi3

Source: email 28.06.19

Conduct of Election-2019... Inside the ECI

Some years ago, after three decades of gathering dust, two notebooks containing Nelson Mandela’s ‘writings in jail’ that an apartheid agent had
kept in safe custody was handed over to him. Accepting the notebooks in an ‘emotional ceremony of restitution’ Mr. Mandela said: “The history of our country is characterised by too much forgetting.†This applies mutatis mutandis to this country as well and people who would like this discourse to die away and forgotten as quickly as possible.

The Emergency is even now remembered after 45 years and I am one of those re-kindling it every year. Even Emergency did not see such an unfair election without any semblance of integrity. [I can say this because I was a Returning Officer in that Election-1977]. How then

can we forget this election-2019? So I took upon writing the account based on first person experience in dealing with the ECI and the Supreme Court. I thought this will not see the light of the day but the editor of Gfiles has taken the courage to publish it. It is in print also.

Except one missing para in uploading (about GVL Narasimha Rao of BJP challenging EVM in 2009-10) the article is intact. It would take some
patience to read but I believe is worth it. Lest we forget.....

Herewith is the Link: