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India: Secular Muslims oppose the demand for an anti-blasphemy law

Saturday 27 November 2021, by siawi3

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Source: email: Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD)

27 Nov 2021 at 13:13

Secular Muslims oppose the demand for an anti-blasphemy law

by Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD)

Please find attached (English and Hindi) with this message our statement opposing the All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s unconstitutional demand for a new law criminalising blasphemy. The statement has been signed by nearly 400 secular citizens from all over India. and from diverse fields: social and political activists, lawyers, journalists, writerts, poets, actors, film makers, businessmen, farmers, home makers....

A large majority of the signatories are Muslims. Among the signatories are several prominent Indians, including Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah. IMSD would be grateful for due coverage of this statement in your media, on an issue of socio-political import.

For further details please contact IMSD Convener, Javed Anand (9870402556) or Co-convener, Feroze Mithiborwala (9029277751).

Javed Anand

Javed Anand
Convener, Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD)
Trustee, Citizens for Justice and Peace
Co-editor, Sabrang India Online
Address: Nirant, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu
Mumbai 400049, India

November 27, 2021

Secular Muslims oppose the demand for an anti-blasphemy law
Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD) strongly opposes the unconstitutional demand of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and some other organisations for an anti-blasphemy law in India. The IMSD statement has been endorsed by nearly 400 secular Indians. A large majority of the signatories are Muslims.

We condemn the constant attempts by certain hate factories of Hindutva which are working overtime to demonise Islam and Muslims. However, IMSD fully supports the principle that in a secular state there can be no place for a law criminalising blasphemy.

Muslims demanding such a law should instead take recourse of the already existing law against hate speech in our country. Section 295 (A) of the Indian Penal Code states: “Whoever, with deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of any class of (citizens of India), (by words, either spoken or written or by signs or by visible representation or otherwise) insults or attempts to insult the religion or the religious beliefs of that class, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to (three years) or fine or with both”.

As equal citizens of India Muslims have the right to invoke Section 295(A) against every attempt to target the community with hate speech and demand strict enforcement of the existing law. But the demand for a special law to punish blasphemy must be opposed for more than one reason. Among other things, the experience of neighbouring countries shows that such a law promotes fanaticism and seeks to silence even rational critical commentaries on religion.

The Board cannot be unaware of the notorious blasphemy law in neighbouring Pakistan which is frequently misused to hound individuals from religious minorities and even fellow Muslims with sectarian and personal motives.
According to the Minorities Association of Pakistan, “between 1987 and 2021, 1,865 people have been charged under the blasphemy laws, with a significant spike in 2020, when 200 cases were registered. Punjab, the province where most Christians of Pakistan live, is leading with 76% cases and 337 people are in prison for blasphemy... Also, at least 128 people have been killed by mobs, outside any judiciary process, after being signalled as having committed blasphemy or apostasy, without any chance to have access to an investigation, and nobody has been arrested for their murder”.

Neighbouring Bangladesh started off as a secular state at its birth in 1971 but adopted Islam as a state religion in 1988. It does not have a law against blasphemy but often misuses the same secular penal code of the British period – section 295(A) – to silence all critical comments on Islam in the name of blasphemy.


1. Aaftab Khokar, Student, Jaipur
2. Aalishan Fatima, Student, Bhopal
3. Aamir Khan, Student Leader, Rajasthan
4. Aasha Ramesh, Bengaluru
5. Aasid, Student, Jaipur
6. Aazam Amin, Student, Bihar
7. Abbas Muzaffar, Filmmaker, Mumbai
8. Abdul Barek, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
9. Abdul Hamid, Retired executive,
10. Abdul Jalil, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
11. Abdul Kadir, Businessman, Muradabad
12. Abdul Malik, Farmer, Jharkhand
13. Abdul Qadir, Bank Employee, Aligarh
14. Abdulla Sama, Social Activist, Kutch, Gujarat
15. Abdullah Sheikh, Student, Jaipur
16. Abdur Rouph, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
17. Abjal Hoque, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
18. A C Michael, Former Member, Delhi Minorities Commission, New Delhi
19. Adnan Bari, Student, Aligarh
20. Adan Khan, Student, Kota, Rajasthan
21. Afreen, HR Manager, Delhi
22. Afroz Khan, Social Activist, Bori, Parbhani
23. Afroz Pathan, Social Activist, Bori, Parbhani
24. Aftab Alam, Businessman, Kushinagar
25. Afzal Sayyed, Social Activist, Pune
26. Ahsan Khan, Student, Jaipur
27. Aijaj Pathan, Social Activist, Latur
28. Akbar Shaikh, Social Activist, Pune
29. Akbar Shaikh, Farmer, Activist, Solapur
30. Akheeb Shaikh, Social Activist, Selu
31. Akhil Ahmad, Student, Jaipur
32. Akhil Soudager, Social Activist, Latur
33. Akhter Hussain, Business, Muzaffarpur
34. Ali Asghar, Social Activist, Hyderabad
35. Ali Sheikh, Social Activist, Gujarat
36. Aliya Syed, Social Activist, Nashik
37. Altaf Sayyed, Social Activist, Pune
38. Altamash Pathan, Social Activist, Bori, Parbhani
39. Amir Abbas, Journalist, Patna
40. Amir Rizvi, Designer, Mumbai
41. Ajit Kumar Jha, Media, Delhi
42. Amita Buch, Freelancer, Ahmedabad
43. Amjad Shaikh, Social Activist, Solapur
44. Ammar Khan, Student, Jaipur
45. Anand Patwardhan, Documentary Film Maker, Mumbai
46. Anayatullah, Social Activist, Jharkhand
47. Aniket Alam, Historian, Hyderababd
48. Anis Sayyed, Social Activist, Pune
49. Anjum Rajabali, Film writer, Mumbai
50. Ankit Kumar, Teacher, Muzaffarpur
51. Antara Dev Sen, Journalist, New Delhi
52. Antony, Service, Delhi
53. Anil Rawat, Made Academy, Bengaluru
54. Anuradha Bagadthey, Chartered Accountant, Kolkata
55. Anurag Chaturvedi, Freelance Journalist, Mumbai
56. Anwar Azmat Khan, Businessman, Kalyan
57. Anwar Shaikh, Social Activist
58. Arbaz Khan, Student, Chaksu
59. Arbaz Khan, Student, Jaipur
60. Archana Kaul, Social Activist, New Delhi
61. Arif Kapadia, Businessman, Social Activist, Mumbra
62. Arshad Jamal, Lecturer, Aligarh
63. Arshad Khan, Student, Jaipur
64. Arshad Shameem, Government Employee, Aligarh
65. Arshid Bashir, Lawyer, Srinagar, J&K
66. Asad Ahmad, Political Activist, Muzaffarpur
67. (Dr) Asha Saxena Ahmad, Doctor, New Delhi
68. Ashfaq Inamdar, Social Activist, Pune
69. Ashik Rabbani, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
70. Ashiq, Civil Engineer, Mungher
71. Ashish Maharishi, Journalist, Varanasi
72. Ashok Sharma, IFS (Retried), Noida
73. Asif Naik, Social Activist, J&K
74. Askari Zaidi, Senior Journalist, New Delhi
75. Aslam HS, Student, Jaipur
76. Aslam Kazi, Social Activist, Solapur
77. Athar Khan, Business, Muzaffarpur
78. Athar Qazi, Social Activist, Parbhani
79. Atikur Rahman, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
80. Avanee, Lawyer, Bengaluru
81. Aysha B, Assistant Professor, Mumbai
82. Azam Amin, Shopkeeper, Jhanjha, Jharkhand
83. Azam Khan, Businessman, Hyderabad
84. Azam Khan, Advocate, Mhow
85. Azer Shaikh , Social Activist, Latur
86. Aziz Lokhandwala, Businessman, Mumbai
87. Bader Sayeed, Lawyer, Chennai
88. Baharul Amin, Advocate, Darang, Assam
89. Bebaak Collective, All India
90. Bharti Ali, Civil rights activist, New Delhi
91. Bina Sarkar Ellias, Poet-editor, Mumbai
92. Brinelle D’souza, TISS, Mumbai
93. Cedric Prakash, Human Rights Activist, Ahmedabad
94. Chandrashekhar Tibrewal, Parsipanny, NJ, USA
95. Charanpreet Singh, Educationist, Kolkota
96. Claire Noronha, Concerned Citizen, Delhi
97. Danish Alam, Business, Muzaffarpur
98. Danish S Ahmed, Business, Muzaffarpur
99. Dastgir Tamboli, Social Activist, Pune
100. Deshdeep Dhankhar, Hyderabad University, Hyderabad
101. Dev Desai, Social Activist, Ahmedabad
102. Dewan Shahidul Islam, Advocate, Barteta, Assam
103. Dharam, Retired, Hisar, Haryana
104. Dimple Oberoi Vahali, Social Activist, Shimla
105. Dinesh Kamble, Social Activist, Latur
106. Dinesh Savle, Social Activist, Latur
107. Dipak Malik, Varanasi
108. Dolly, Student, Lucknow
109. Ena Zafar, Dasam, Delhi
110. Faiz Bagwan, Farmer, Solapur
111. Faizi, Professional, Aligarh
112. Faraz Ahmad , Student, Jaipur
113. Faraz Ahmad, Freelance Journalist, New Delhi
114. Farha Hussain, Teacher, Hyderabad
115. Faseeh Ansari, Engineer, Aligarh
116. Fatima Anwar, Teacher, Gorakhpur
117. Feroze Mithiborwala, IMSD Co-Convener, Mumbai
118. Firdaus Shrivastava, Indore
119. Furkhan Pathan, Social Activist, Latur
120. Gafur Sayyad, Social Activist, Latur
121. Gary Shostak, Boston, MA, USA
122. Ghalib Deccani, Social Activist, Pune
123. Ghulam Mohiyuddin, Faruki, M.D., Physician, New York
124. Gias Uddin, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
125. Guddu Bhai, Business, Muzaffarpur
126. Gufran Pathan, Social Activist, Latur
127. Gulfam Khan Bhatti, Student, Jaipur
128. Gulnaaz Parveen, Beautician, Gorakhpur
129. Gulser Ali, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
130. Hamid Taylor, Retired Senior Executive, Bengaluru
131. Harsh Kapoor, Social Activist, New Delhi
132. Hasan Abdullah, Writer, New Delhi
133. Hasan Pasha, Writer, Allahabad
134. Hasan Patel, Social Activist, Latur
135. Hasin Ansari, Businessman, Varanasi
136. Haya Khan, Student, Lucknow
137. Huma Nizami, Teacher, Ahmedabad
138. Huma Rifat Kidwai, Author, Hyderabad
139. IA Khan, Student, Jaipur
140. Ikraj Khan, Student, Jaipur
141. Ikramul Hoque, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
142. Imran Ahmed, Business, Muzaffarpur
143. Imran Khan, Social Activist, Parbhani
144. Imran Mulana, Social Activist, Chaksu
145. Imran Shahid, Teacher, Aligarh
146. (Dr.) Indu Prakash Singh, Businessman, New Delhi
147. Iqbal Patel, Political Activist, Pune
148. Iqram Ahmed, Professional, Muzaffarpur
149. Irfan Engineer, IMSD Co-Convener, Mumbai
150. Irfan Sayyed, Social Activist, Pune
151. Irfan Sheikh, Social Activist, Latur
152. Ismail Khan, Engineer,
153. Jaa Mand, Writer, Journalist, Jalandhar
154. Jahan Siddiqui, Student, Bhopal
155. Jainuddin Shaikh, Social Activist, Pune
156. Jainul Khan, Student, Jaipur
157. Jakir Bhai, Student, Jaipur
158. (Dr) Jami Rizwani, France
159. Jahnvi Andharia, Development Professional, New Delhi
160. Jamil Ahmad, Business, Muzaffarpur
161. Jamil Shaikh, Businessman, Pune
162. Jamsheed Ahmed Rizwani, Retired, Chennai
163. Javed Ahmad, Political Activist, Muzaffarpur
164. Javed Akhtar, Poet, Film Writer, former MP, Mumbai
165. Javed Ali Khan, former MP, New Delhi
166. Javed Anand, Convener, IMSD, Mumbai
167. Javed Hashmi, Social Activist, Latur
168. Jawed Naqvi, Freelance Journlist, New Delhi
169. Javed Shaikh, Social Activist, Pune
170. Jiarul Hoque, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
171. John Dayal, Writer and activist, New Delhi
172. Joy Sengupta, Actor, Mumbai
173. Junaid Siddique, Urdu government teacher, Aligarh
174. K. M. Shrimali, Retired Professor, New Delhi
175. Kafeel Deshmukh, Social Activist, Pune
176. Kalim Shaikh, Social Activist, Parbhani
177. Kamil Shamsi, Businessman, Aligarh
178. Kasim Sait, Businessman, Social Activist, Chennai
179. Kayum Khan, Student, Jaipur
180. Khaleda Parveen, Women’s Help Group, Hyderabad
181. Khalil Deshmukh, Political activist, Jalgaon
182. Khalil Sheikh, Social Activist, Latur
183. Khatija Khan, Teacher, Hyderabad
184. Lara Jesani, Advocate, Mumbai
185. Latif Sayyed, Social Activist, Pune
186. Leila Passah, Consultant, Bengaluru
187. M. Patel, Farmer, Bihar
188. Maaz Arshad, Professional, Aligarh
189. Mafiz Ali, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
190. Mahammad Ali, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
191. Mahmooda, Professor, Satna
192. Mahtab Alam, Software Engineer, New Delhi
193. Maimoona Mollah, Women’s Rights Activist, New Delhi
194. Majhar Alam, Business, Muzaffarpur
195. Maliha Mateen, Social Activist, Gurgaon
196. Maksud Shaikh, Businessman, Satara
197. Manabi Majumdar, Academic, Kolkata
198. Manish Kumar, Social Activist, Delhi
199. Manju, Social Activist, Patna
200. Manoj Savle, Social Activist, Latur
201. Mansoor Sardar, Social Activist, Bhiwandi
202. Marfat Ali, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
203. Martin Hill, Advertising, Mumbai
204. Masooma Ranalvi, WeSpeakOut, Goa
205. Mateen Pathan, Social Activist, Bori, Parbhani
206. Mehnaz Parveen, Teacher, Gorakhpur
207. Mehul Devkala, Poet, Rohtak
208. Miftaur Jannat, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
209. Mirza Beg, Student, Jaipur
210. Mohammed Akbar Alam, Social Activist, Bihar
211. Mohammed Anas, Teacher, Muzaffarpur
212. (Dr) Mohammad Atif, Defence Analyst, Delhi
213. Mohammed Jikrullah, Teacher, Muzaffarpur
214. Mohammed Mahtab Alam, Businessman, Muzaffarpur
215. Mohammad Mansoor Alam, Patna
216. Mohammed Nasir, UP
217. Mohammed Talib, Student, Jaipur
218. Mohammed Imran, New Delhi and New York
219. Mohammad Yaseen, Social Activist, Nanded
220. Moin Khan, Student, Jaipur
221. Molvi Luqmaan, Teacher, Aligarh
222. Molvi Rizwaan, Teacher, Aligarh
223. Moulana Rafikul Islam, Social Activist, Sunitpur, Assam
224. Mridula Mukherjee,Retired JNU Professor, New Delhi
225. Mubin Hashmi, Social Activist, Latur
226. Mukhtar Ahmad Shaikh, Social Activist, Baramulla
227. Muniza Khan, Social Activist, Mumbai
228. Munna Ali, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
229. Murad Bhatti, Student, Jaipur
230. Mushfiq M Khan, Media Professional, Mumbai
231. Mushtaq Inamdar, Social Activist, Manglewadi, Solapur
232. Muslim Bari, Businessman, Aligarh
233. Mustak Ali, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
234. Nadeem Gorakhpuri, Student, Gorakhpur
235. Nadeem Khan, Student, Jaipur
236. Nadim Shaikh Author, Social Activist, Parbhani
237. Nair Iqbal, Professional, Muzaffarpur
238. Najid Hussain, New York, USA
239. Nandita Sehgal, IAS (resigned), Dubai
240. Naresh Kumar, Theatre Activist, Rohtak
241. Naseem Ansari , Student, Jaipur
242. Nasreen Fazalbhoy, Academic, Social Activist, Mumbai
243. Nasreen Ghazala, Teacher, Jhanjha, Jharkhand
244. Nasseruddin Shah, Actor, Mumbai
245. Nazmul Hoque, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
246. Nisar Shaikh, Student, Solapur
247. Noor, Lawyer, New Delhi
248. Noor Islam, Social Activist, Assam
249. Noordeen, Concerned Citizen, Chennai
250. Noorjahan Deewan, Social Activist, Ahmedabad
251. Nouman Sayyed, Social Activist, Latur
252. Nur Islam, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
253. Omar Ali, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
254. Pamela Philipose, Senior Journalist, New Delhi
255. PK Ravindranathan, Social Activist, Ahmedabad
256. Padma Velaskar, Sociologist, Mumbai
257. Pramod Gouri, AIPSN, Rohtak
258. Qaisar Sultana, Homemaker, Allahabad
259. Qamarjahan, Professor, Lucknow
260. Qamber Husnain, Meridian Construction, Patna
261. Qamruddin, Business, Muzaffarpur
262. Qutub Kidwai, Social Activist, Mumbai
263. Rafeek Pathan, Social Activist, Bori, Parbhani
264. Rafik Shaikh, Social Activist, Pune
265. Rafikul Islam, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
266. Rafiq Khan, Advocate, Jaipur
267. Rahim Khan, Social Activist, Parbhani
268. Rahim Shaikh, Social Activist, Solapur
269. Rahim Shaikh, Social Activist, Pune
270. Ramesh Dixit, Retired professor, Lucknow
271. Ranbir Singh Dahiya, Surgeon, Rohtak
272. Rashid Sayyed, Social Activist, Pune
273. Rashid Sheikh, Social Activist, Latur
274. Rashma Sayyad, Social Activist, Solapur
275. Raunaq, Teacher, Kushinagar
276. Ravi :Palat, Professor of Soiciology, Birmingham, NY, USA
277. Rehan Tirmizi, Social Activist, New Delhi
278. Renchu Sheikh, Student, Jaipur
279. Reyasat, Photographer, New Delhi
280. Riyaaz Shaikh, Social Activist, Parbhani
281. Riyaaz Shaikh, Social Activist, Pune
282. Rizwan Tamboli, Social Activist, Pune
283. Rubul Ali, Social Activist, Gowahati, Assam
284. SGA Zaidi, retired, Mumbai
285. SN Sahu, Retired government servant, New Delhi
286. S R Malik, Retired, Lucknow
287. Sabah Khan, Parcham, Mumbai
288. (Dr) Sabah Siddiqui, Professor, Pune
289. Sabed Ali, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
290. Saddam Dabar , Student, Jaipur
291. Safiqul Islam, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
292. Sahidul Hoque, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
293. Saidur Rahman (Akond), Darang, Assam
294. Saidur Rahman, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
295. Saif Ali Shaikh, Student, Nanded
296. Saif Mahmood, Advocate Supreme Court, New Delhi
297. Saifuddin Saifee, Editor, Bhopal
298. Saleem Bari, Businessman, Aligarh
299. Salim Attar, Social Activist, Solapur
300. Salim Shaikh, Doctor, Kalyan
301. Samad Khan, Student, Jaipur
302. Sameer Pathan , Student, Jaipur
303. Samsher Manu, Social Activist, Jaipur
304. Sanjay Chouhan, Screenwriter, Mumbai
305. Sanjay Singh, Business, Muzaffarpur
306. Sarah Mathews, Social Activist, Hyderabad
307. Sarfaraz Nawaz, Social Activist, Kolkata
308. Satish Misra, Freelance Journalist, Noida
309. Satyajeet Chavan, Social Activist, Nashik
310. Satya Narayan Sahu, Writer, Press Secretary to former President KR Narayanan, New Delhi
311. Syeda Hameed, Delhi Muslim Women’s Forum, New Delhi
312. Sayyed Akif, Student, Muzaffarpur
313. Sayyed Kashif Shamshad, Student , Muzaffarpur
314. Sehba Taban, Politicial activist, New Delhi
315. Selvyn Jussy. University of Calcutta
316. Shaan Ali, Social Activist, Nalbari, Assam
317. Shabana Azmi, Actor, former MP, Mumbai
318. Shabana Khatoon, Teacher, Kushinagar
319. Shabana Mashraki, Lead Assessor (ISO standards), Mumbai
320. Shabbir Alam, Business, Sitamarhi
321. Shabbir Shaikh, Social Activist, Solapur
322. Shabnam Hashmi, Social Activist, New Delhi
323. Shafi Mulani, Businessman, Karad
324. Shahajan Shaikh, Farmer, Mohol, Solapur
325. (Dr) Shahid, Doctor, Aligarh
326. Shahnaz Parveen, Home Maker, Gorakhpur
327. Shahrukh, Advocate, Rajasthan
328. Shahrukh Khan, Student, Jaipur
329. Shaikh Aslam, Social Activist, Parbhani
330. Shaikh Mohsin, Social Activist, Bori, Parbhani
331. Shaikh Shakir, Social Activist, Latur
332. Shaikh Salman, Social Activist, Parbhani
333. Shakeel Jaleel Khan, Businessman, Aligarh
334. Shakeel Sardar, Kalyan
335. Shakil Khan, Student, Jaipur
336. Shalini Dhawan, Designer, Mumbai
337. Shama Zaidi, Documentary Film Maker, Mumbai
338. Shamim Abbasi, Ghazipur
339. Shamshad Alam, Business, Muzaffarpur
340. Shamsher B Gandhi, Urdu Teacher, Churu, Rajasthan
341. Shanti Paswan, NGO, New Delhi
342. Sharad Raj, Film Director, Mumbai
343. Sharifa, Concerned Citizen, Secunderabad
344. Sheikh Farid, Social Activist, Darang, Assam
345. Shehzad Khan, Student, Jaipur
346. Shikha Sen, Editor, Teacher, Noida
347. Shivani Bhardwaj, Social Activist, New Delhi
348. Shuaib Ahmad Ansari, Self-employed, Varanasi
349. Shuja, Teacher, Aligarh
350. Sikandar Pathan, Social Activist, Baramati, Pune
351. Sohail Bhatti, Student, Jaipur
352. Sohail Hashmi, Social Activist, New Delhi
353. Sohel Pathan, Social Activist, Parbhani
354. Sohel Soudager, Social Activist, Latur
355. Subamiya Kadri, Retired Senior Executive, Ahmedabad
356. Sufiyan Shaikh, Social Activist, Pune
357. Suhail Jaleel Khan, Businessman, Aligarh
358. Suhana Chowdhary, Student, Meerut
359. Sultan Shahin, Editor-in-chief, New Age Islam, New Delhi
360. Supriyo Nandy, IIHM, Kolkata
361. Sunny, Social Activist, Parbhani
362. Tahzeeb Pathan, Social Activist, Parbhani
363. Taizoon Khorakiwala, Businessman, Philanthropist, Mumbai
364. TK Rajalakshmi, Journalist, Ghaziabad
365. Tameem SB, Businessman, Aligarh
366. Tanveer Jafri, Entrepreneur, Surat
367. Tarun Sagar, Social Activist, Delhi
368. Tayiyab Khan, Student, Jaipur
369. Teesta Setalvad, Human Rights Defender, Educationist, Mumbai
370. Toheed Atar, Social Activist, Bori, Parbhani
371. Tousef Sayyed, Social Activist, Latur
372. Tousif Ansari, Teacher, Hata, UP
373. Urdu Khan, Student, Jaipur
374. Utpala Mukherjee, Citizen, Delhi
375. Vani Subramanian, New Delhi
376. Vasanthi Raman, Academic, New Delhi
377. Vasid Khan, Student, Jaipur
378. Vibhuti Narain Rai, IPS (retired), writer, Noida
379. Vinod Iyer, Mumbai
380. Vishal Hiwale, Social Activist, Mumbai
381. Vivekanand Tripathi, Social Media Activist, Noida
382. Waseem Shaikh, Social Activist, Parbhani
383. Wasif, Professional, Aligarh
384. Wasim Ansari, Social Activist, Parbhani
385. Yameen SB, Businessman, Aligarh
386. Yousuf Saeed, Film maker, New Delhi
387. (Dr) Zaheer Ahmed Sayeed, Neurologist, Chennai
388. Zeenat Shaukatali, Wisdom Foundation, Mumbai