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India: Citizens for Justice and Peace and its secular education program: Khoj


Friday 14 January 2022, by siawi3


Citizens for Justice and Peace

We believe that Peace begins in the mind of the child. As do notions of Equality and Non-Discrimination.

Khoj, CJP’s secular education program does just that. In the Classroom, in the Basti, in our Offices. Khoj means to search, to discover, to explore. Search within for the questions we long to ask, never mind if we do not have the answers. To get to know more about ourselves, our families, the neighborhood, our city, the country and our world. Through 54 Modules over three years of Middle School that make us search within.

Khoj is about:

People, how are all these people different?
You and about me. How are we different from others? And how are we the same?

VIDEO here 23:16 : An Introduction to Khoj, CJP’s Educational Program for a Plural India


Is God a he? Or a she? We know so little about the different Gods that exist. But would we like to know more? Do all of us pray? Which festivals do we celebrate? Would you like to visit a mosque, church or a temple, a gurudwara if we took you there? Often adults do not listen to what young minds and hearts want to know. Khoj does.

Join the Khoj Movement to breathe real life into our Constitution, Celebrate Equality, Dialogue and Diversity
Through listening, questioning, dialogue and explorations we share the ethos and values of the Indian Constitution - Equality, Dignity, Non-Discrimination. We give the Preamble meaning through lived experiences and sharing’s in the classroom and beyond through regular sessions - History, Social Sciences and Conflict Resolution.