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India: No justice for Gujarat genocide victims: former Director General of Police takes courageous stand

Saturday 25 February 2012, by siawi3

India: Letter by former police chief warns about moves to file closure report in complaint filed by Zakia Jafri / Teesta Setalvad

Source : South Asian Citizens Web, 4 February 2012

Ms Zakia Jafri and Ms Teesta Setalvad filed a complaint against the Chief Minister Gujrat, Mr Narendra Modi, and 62 others, for the culpable role in 1. planning and execution of the 2002 anti-minority genocide, 2. Subversion of The State Administration to deny and delay Justice to riot victims and 3. Intimidation of witnesses to block the flow of evidence against the State Government functionaries. The Special Investigation Team filed a closure report to the judiciary to the judicial bodies to treat this complaint as false. This prompted the former Director General of Police in Gujarat, India to pen down this appeal to ‘ the people’, as, for any helpless citizen, being dismayed at the inadequate response from the power that be, an appeal to the real sovereigns, his Sister and Brother Citizens, is the last relief and remedy.

From: Public letter by former Director General of Police in Gujarat India, RB Sreekumar

“I have submitted through my nine affidavits to the Nanavati commission so far which provide unchallengeable evidences about the sabotage of Criminal Justice system, intimidation of witnesses, use of punishment and rewards to coerce officers to implement Modi governments covert agenda of Hindu sectarian mobilization. But all these have been ignored by the SIT,’’ Sreekumar’s letter says.

The former DGP further states that even after submitting the evidence to the SIT in 2008, he was neither called for examination nor made a witness during the ongoing trial in the riot case of naroda patiya [Gujarat].

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