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Saturday 11 January 2014, by siawi3


author: Kiran Opal
target: York University - Martin Singer, Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, and Noël A. J. Badiou, Director at York University’s Centre for Human Rights

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York University in Toronto, Canada is threatening disciplinary action against Sociology Professor J. Paul Grayson for refusing to accommodate sexual discrimination by one of his students on religious grounds.

Would York University accommodate a request made on religious grounds to discriminate against black people, ethnically Chinese people, disabled people, tall people, gay people, or left-handed people? Why is discrimination against women acceptable, then?

We the undersigned stand up for women’s and men’s equality, as enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

The statements and decisions made in this matter by Mr. Singer and Mr. Badiou suggest that they believe gender equality is subordinate to religious beliefs. We urge York University to retract this and re-affirm their stand on gender equality and women’s rights.

Sign this petition and spread the word!

Tell York University that sexual and gender discrimination based on personal religious beliefs must not be condoned in universities and other public institutions.

Tell York University that we support Professor Grayson’s decision to treat all students equally regardless of gender or religious belief.

Tell York University that as a publicly funded, secular university, it is expected to preserve women’s and men’s equality, including in the face of religious beliefs.