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Israel: The Peace Bus from Jerusalem to the Gaza Border

Saturday 23 August 2014, by siawi3

Source: Bus of Peace>

The Peace Bus from Jerusalem to the Gaza Border - 5th Journey!

Today, Friday, Aug. 22, the Peace Bus from Jerusalem to the Gaza Border will set out on its 5th Journey. Now more than ever important after the negotiations in Cairo failed and the fire broke out. As long as people are dying, we have the moral obligation to work for peace with all our strength.

ATTENTION: decoration of the Peace Bus starts this time at 7:30 and the bus leaves Gan Hapoamon at 8:30!

NEVER AGAIN WAR - LET’S GIVE PEACE A CHANCE and WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL WE TALK. Spreading the seeds of peace between people and calling upon the authorities on both sides to cease hostilities and come together for sincere peace talks, we continues our mission.

We continue collecting donations for humanitarian aid to people of Gaza from people of Israel. Collecting medicine, hygienic products and food for civilians in Gaza, we hope to ease – if only by a small bit - the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and encourage the public to undertake direct humanitarian relief actions. All donations collected will be delivered with our partner, international health relief organization CARITAS to Gaza. We ask you to donate to help us on our mission, if you can not give us your donation inn person. All the money will use to buy the donations and bring them to Caritas: (This is a crowdfinding website connected to our donation account)

We received around 8000 NIS already, of which we spent by now 7600 NIS on supplies for Gaza.

Each person donating for Gaza will get flowers from the Peace Bus. Our collections are supported by the organizations “Women for Women” and “Women say Enough”, who is engaged in the peace movement and organized collections across the country.


We will meet once again on Friday, 21.8, at 7.30 am in the Liberty Bell Garden (Gan Hapoamon), Jerusalem, to decorate our Peace Bus with flowers and art craft.

At 8.30 am our journey starts with support of the family of the Jerusalem Peace maker Haj Ibrahim Abu-Hawa from the Mt. of Olives, whose son will be driving us this Friday.

At 09.30 am we are invited to join the meeting of the SULHA Project, which promotes the peace between Abrahamic religions (, in the Jewish-Arabic village Newe Shalom, the village of the future in the Middle East (

At 12.00 Noon we will have a ceremony at the Kikar Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. We will express our demands to stop the war and start the negotiations for a long-term peace solution, under the presence of the media, which we will inform in advance, lighting candles and lying down flowers, rehan (basilicum), olive branches and henna powder on symbolical self-created memorial place on the Rabin square to commemorate all human being on both sides, who died as victims of the long-lasting, devastating conflict, shocked by the war and with hope to establish the future of peace together. We invited Israeli and Palestinian peace organizations to take part in this event, which is meant to be a starter- event for a larger protest event on Friday, 29.08, initiated by the Peace Bus. ONLY UNITY FOR PEACE CAN PREVENT THE FUTURE BLOODSHED.

Between 1pm and 3 pm we will be collecting donations from people of Israel to people of Gaza in the Gush Dan area.

At 4 pm we will have a meeting with families from the South Israel, who live near the Gaza border. The meeting will take place in Sderot, while many families from the neighboring communities will join the meeting. The purpose of this visit is to understand what exactly it means to live in the war- torn zone and why these families do not want another war.

Afterwards we will lay down flowers near the Gaza border, to commemorate all those who perished in the conflict on both sides.

At the end of the journey, in Jerusalem, we are invited by the initiator of “Beads for Peace” Maya Bloom in her house for a comfortable beading, cup of tea and a relaxing evening.

Since we want every penny donated for the humanitarian relief in Gaza to go for that specific purpose, we ask every participant to pay 100NIS contribution for the expenses of this journey (bus and decorations only). Please let me know in advance about your participation, in order to reserve a seat! Thank you!

Contact: busofpeace
last minute: 05865667676

Here you can make your donations! Thank you very much! Mark as a purpose “medicine for Gaza”, “Peace Bus” or “Medicine for Gaza and Peace Bus”. (This is a crowdfinding website connected to our donation account)

The mission of the Peace Bus is to proclaim non-violence and connect the Peace movement for the long-lasting peace. The Peace movement was not ready during this war to seriously challenge the fierce pro-war attitude on both sides. There might be a next time, so we need to be ready...

Visit our Event on the facebook:
× ×•×˜×•×‘×•×¡ ×”×©×œ×•× ×ž×ž×©×™×š בדרך! The bus of Peace بَاص السَلام


الم٠هوم ال٠ردي لمجموعتنا ورؤيتها الخاصه هو خلق واقع يعيش به ال٠لسطينيون والاسرائيليون بسلام وكرامه

ليس لدينا رأي سياسي مشترك , وليس لدينا اراء لطريقة الحل ,

ولكن ما نعر٠ه ٠علا هو اننا لا يمكن ان نستمر ٠ي كره وقتال وقتل بعضنا البعض

66 عاما من الحروب ولم نستطيع ان نتوصل لاي حل دائم , نحن نؤمن بانه حان الوقت لتجربة طريقه اخرى

نحن Ù ÙŠ باص السلام نروج الى تعزير مبادء التسامح والت٠اهم بدون عنÙ

بين جميع الناس بغض النظر عن لونهم او عرقهم او دينهم

تعالو معنا جميعا رجال ونساء لترو باعينكم ما تحاول وسائل الاعلام اخ٠ائه عنا والوجه الحقيقي لما يسمى “عدو سو٠تكتش٠البرائه ذلك Ù ÙŠ وجوه” اط٠ال اسرائيليين و٠لسطينيين وتتذكر ن٠سك عندما كنت ط٠لا يوما ما

بعيدا عن التحيز والكراهيه , حيث نقوم بالحداد على اؤلائك الذين قضوا خلال هذا الصراع المأساوي ليس خلال الحرب الحالية ٠قط , بل لكل الابرياء الذين ٠قدوا حياتهم خلال حروب الكره

نحن نريد ان ترى ونستمع الى وجهات نظر الجانبين ومعاناة الجانبين نحن مجموعه من البشر قدر لنا ان نعيش كاعداء وهذا ٠علا مأساوي لن نستطيع ان نعيش بسلام ما دام هناك جانبا يعاني

بناءا عليه السلام هو هد٠نا القادم

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