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Canada: Letter of Condolence to France and Lebanon

Wednesday 18 November 2015, by siawi3

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Source: Canadian Council of Muslim Women/Conseil Canadien des Femmes Musulmanes, 18.11.2015

CCMW sends their heartfelt condolences for the horrible tragedies which have occurred in Paris on Friday, November 13, 2015 and in Beirut on Thursday, November 12, 2015.

These countries were targeted earlier this year also, and we were very saddened that these acts of hate and violence were perpetrated by Muslims.

Although, as of now, it is not known for certain that the murders of yesterday were also caused by Muslims, we feel drawn to offer our sympathies to the citizens of France and Lebanon.

Such dastardly acts of violence by any group is sickening but it is more painful for us, as Muslims, that any group using our religion can justify such horrors.

We know that this use of religion for political reasons is not limited to Muslims, but we abhor what is done in the name of Islam, such as using Islam in their name – al Dawla al Islamiya al Iraq al Sham [DAESH] – as it is harmful for all humanity.

Any group who uses violence are killing co-religionists and surely this cannot be justified in the name of religion? So many have become refugees and we pray for all who are now lost without much hope for their future.

We are Canadian Muslim women who believe in the message of Islam as compassionate, egalitarian and for social justice, and we hope that these acts of hatred and violence will not be viewed as the message of our faith.