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Being Palestinian - Personal Reflections on Palestinian Identity in the Diaspora

Tuesday 12 January 2016, by siawi3

Source: Women In Black, January 12, 2016

Being Palestinian
Personal Reflections on Palestinian Identity in the Diaspora

Edition: 1
Edited By: Yasir Suleiman
Publication Date: Jan 2016
Dimensions: 244 x 172 mm
Extent: 384 pages
120 bw Ill.

What does it mean to be Palestinian when not living in Palestine?
‘These thoughtful, poignant reflections bring forth vividly some of the human dimensions of one of the great tragedies of current history, the forced dispossession of Palestinians from their homeland.’ - Noam Chomsky
‘This handsome collection speaks in a multiplicity of voices and textures that capture the enduring presence of the homeland in every Diasporic home. Palestinians and non-Palestinians will be moved by it in equal measure.’ - Azmi Bishara
How does it feel when you cannot find Palestine under ‘P’ in the encyclopaedia your father brings home? Why cultivate fig and orange trees in the Arizona desert? What does it mean to know every inch of a village you have never seen, a village that no longer exists?
In this groundbreaking volume, 102 Palestinians in North America and the United Kingdom reflect in their own words on what it means to be Palestinian in the diaspora. Men and women, young and old, Christians and Muslims, including well-known academics, poets, writers, faith leaders and singers, reveal their tangled ties to ‘home’ and ‘homeland’, exploring how Palestine in the diaspora can be both lost and found, bereaved and celebrated, lived and longed-for.
Touching, often troubling, but full of character and wit, the reflections in Being Palestinian offer a radically fresh look at the modern Palestinian experience in the West. And the time-honoured issues of identity, exile and diaspora give acute sense to these very personal reflections.

Key Features

Includes reflections from celebrated academics and writers, including Najla Said, Lila Abu Lughod, Ghada Karmi, Naomi-Shihab Nye, Salma Khadra Jayyusi, Sharif Elmusa, Nathalie Handal, Nabil Matar and Khaled Hroub
The volume will include up to 20 personal photographs which visually depict the authors’ reflections in the book
Covering the United States, Canada, England, Wales and Scotland, the volume offers fascinating portraits of a community spread across the West
The first published account of the experiences of the political prisoner Dr Sami Al-Arian