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Ex-Muslims of Britain speak up

Thursday 28 January 2016, by siawi3


[(CEMB Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain
Upcoming events:)]

Feb 15: Evening with CEMB Spokesperson and #ExMuslimBecause organiser Rayhana Sultan

Feb 17: Conference on The New Intolerance on Campus, London

Feb 23: Conference on Religion and Humanism, European Parliament, Brussels

Feb 27: Place of Religion in 21 Century, Birmingham University

Feb 29: Maryam Namazie and Tariq Ramadan discuss Islam in Europe today, Oxford Union

March 10: Evening with Atheist Vlogger AronRa in Central London

March 15: LSE Atheist Society, London

March 19: Festival of ideas, Bristol

April 12: Evening with ex-Muslim feminist Halima Begum, central London

April 24: Rationalist International Conference at Tallinn, Estonia

April 27: Merton College, Oxford

May 06: University of Hull Atheist Society, Hull

June 04: Reason Rally in Washington DC

June 15: Ex-Muslim “Flash Mob” Dance and Music

September 14: Keele international symposium on child protection, Shaffordshire

September 23: Women in Secularism 4 conference in Arlington, VA

October 14: 14-15 October 2016, Centre for Civil Courage conference, Croatia