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Palestine- Israel: Women’s Boat to Gaza

Sunday 6 March 2016, by siawi3


[(Women’s Boat to Gaza—US Section

Help us sail to Gaza to end the blockade!)]

Stay Tuned:

March 8th (Women’s International Day) will be the official launch of the Womens Boat to Gaza Campaign. Sign up to get updates. Even better, donate and be part of this historic event!


Gaza has been under Israeli blockade for the past decade during which Israel has also launched countless attacks against the besieged population, turning their life into a nightmare and a continuous struggle. Through Freedom Flotillas and other naval missions we have brought international attention to their suffering and their resistance. The Women’s Boat to Gaza is an initiative of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) and is composed of civil society organizations and campaigns from many countries.

Be part of this historic human rights campaign!