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Iran human rights parliamentary question : the case of Homa Hoodfar

Thursday 22 September 2016, by siawi3


Homa Hoodfar detained in Iran
Parliamentary question 14 Sep 2016

Iran human rights parliamentary question

On 14 September, Marietje Schaake submitted a parliamentary question to Vice-President/High Representative Mogherini on the case of Ms Homa Hoodfar and other dual nationals currently being detained in Iran.

[(Priority parliamentary question to Vice-President/ High Representative Mogherini
Submitted by: Marietje Schaake, Fredrick Federley
Subject: Homa Hoodfar and other dual nationals detained in Iran)]

Ms Homa Hoodfar, an Iranian-Canadian dual national who has been detained in the Evin prison in Iran for more than three months, was recently hospitalised over concerns for her deteriorating health condition. She has been indicted on unknown charges, but is being investigated for “dabbling in feminism and security matters.” She is a retired professor at Montreal’s Concordia University.

Several dual nationals are being detained in Iran, including Kamal Foroughi, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Siamak and Baquer Namazi, Robin Shahini and Nizar Zakka, without due process. They are often held on secret charges, accused of espionage or collaboration with a foreign government, without access to their lawyers and families.

1. Is the HR/VP aware of these cases, and if so, what is her assessment of them?

2. Can the VP/HR comment on any measures taken to address their situations, and whether she has raised them with the Iranian authorities?