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The Tsunami of #IslamsNonBelievers #NotAlone


Wednesday 12 October 2016, by siawi3


11 oct. 2016

The Tsunami of #IslamsNonBelievers #NotAlone

Bread and Roses TV with Maryam Namazie

Interview with Yasmine, Confessions of an ExMuslim

Also on:
. boycotting the women’s chess championship in Iran,
. Golrokh Ebrahimi’s 6 year prison sentence for an unpublished work against stoning; . . cleric Hamza Sodagar and his incitement to murder gay men;
. Deeyah Khan’s new film: Islam’s Non-Believers

Insane fatwa: On polygamous marriages and chicken soup

Slice of life: No Land’s Song

Translation: Cyrus Basham
Subtitles: Bahram M.

We do not own the copyright to the No Land’s Song trailer, and the inserted video clips on polygamy (from Facebook) and Hamza Sodagar (Fria Tider). The clips have been used for educational purposes only.