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Turkey: Turkish women speak up for the release of Gültan Kışanak

Friday 28 October 2016, by siawi3

Source: WHRD Coalition, 27.10.2016

Powerful images from the arrest scenes yesterday: here

Gültan Kışanak belongs with us women!

We demand her immediate release. )]

Gültan Kışanak, Co-Mayor of the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, was arrested and taken under custody in the town where she had been elected mayor with 55% of the vote. This arrest took place the very day she addressed the “Parliamentary Commission to Inquire into the Coup Attempt.” Gültan Kışanak’s arrest is a concrete example of how the current state of emergency and the ongoing war restrict, limit and make life unbearable for us women.

This arrest comes at a time when all that women have gained in local/municipal governments are being destroyed by way of appointed administrators (kayyum). These appointed administrators who have replaced elected mayors by way of state decree have either closed down or rendered ineffective all women’s centers and units operating within municipalities. With Kışanak’s arrest, the extent that attacks on women, their elected leadership and democracy has reached is painfully clear.

Kışanak is a mayor who has implemented an equal gender quota, has imposed sanctions on male municipality workers who inflict violence against women, and has supported local structures and businesses that aim to make women actors in public, societal life rather than keepers of the home. Her arrest also signifies the hijacking of the very idea of gender sensitive municipal work, women’s struggle and women’s voices.

We shall never ever accept this threat made to all women who become empowered, speak out, object, and refuse to bow down. We women stand with Gültan Kışanak, our friend in our struggle for peace, equality and freedom. We declare that we shall not remain silent until she has been released, and until all antidemocratic practices and pressures against municipalities are brought to an end.

1. Women’s Initiative for Peace
2. Ahtamara LGBTI Wan
3. AKA-DER Women’s Group
4. Adana Women’s Solidarity Center and Shelter Association (AKDAM)
5. Ankara Foundation for Women’s Solidarity
6. Ankara Women’s Platform
7. Ankara Feminist Collective
8. Antalya Feminist Collective
9. Antalya Women’s Consultation Center and Solidarity Association
10. Izmir Independent Women’s Initiative
11. Bartın Women’s Solidarity Association
12. Bakırköy Women’s Solidarity
13. The Peace Mothers
14. Bodrum Women’s Solidarity Association
15. Association to Combat Sexual Violence
16. Çekmeköy Women’s Council
17. Datça Women’s Initiative
18. Demir Leblebi Women’s Association
19. Democratic Islam Congress Women’s Council
20. Women from the Revolutionary Party (Devrimci Parti)
21. Confederation of Revolutionary Workers Unions (DİSK) Emekli-Sen Retired Workers Association Women’s Secretariat
22. Confederation of Revolutionary Workers Unions (DİSK) Women’s Committee
23. Women from the Confederation of Revolutionary Workers Unions (DİSK)/Genel-İş Public Service Workers
24. World March of Women Coordination of Turkey
25. Ekmek ve Gül (Bread and Roses)
26. Women from the Labour and Justice Platform (Emek Adalet Platformu)
27. Women from the Labour Party (EMEP)
28. Esenyalı Women’s Solidarity Association Kadın Dayanışma Derneği
29. EŞİTİZ- Equality Monitoring Women’s Group
30. FeminAmfi
31. Feminist Çukurova
32. Feminist Workshop/Cyprus
33. Feminists İzmir
34. Filmmor Women’s Cooperative
35. Women from Migrants’ Association for Social Cooperation and Culture (GÖÇ-DER)
36. Gökkuşağı Women’s Association
37. Legal Aid Office for Sexual Harassment and Rape in Custody
38. Women from Halkevleri
39. Women’s Councils of the Peoples’ Democratic Congress (HDK)
40. Hêvî LGBTİ
41. Human Rights Association Ankara Branch Women’s Commission
42. Human Rights Association Central Women’s Commission
43. Human Rights Association İzmir Branch Women’s Commission
44. İstanbul Human Rights Association Women’s Rights Commission
45. İmece House Workers’ Union
46. İmece Women’s Solidarity Association
47. Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre Women Commission, UK
48. İstanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association
49. Istanbul Technical University Feminist Group
50. İzmir Amargi
51. İzmir Women’s Solidarity Association
52. İzmir Women’s Action Group
53. İzmir Social Psychologists
54. Kongreya Jinen Azad (KJA)
55. We Will Stop Femicide Platform
56. Women’s Labor and Employment Initiative Platform (KEİG)
57. Women’s Labor Collective
58. Women’s Freedom Assembly
59. Women Writers Association
60. Women’s Initiative to Combat Violence Against Women
61. Women’s Solidarity Foundation (KADAV)
62. Women for Women’s Human Rights – New Ways Association (WWHR)
63. Kampus Witches
64. Kaos GL Association
65. Kaws Kuzah LGBTI
66. Women from the Kocaeli Solidarity Academy
67. Confederation of Public Workers Union (KESK) Women’s Assembly
68. Keskesor Amed LGBTI
69. Women from the North Forest Defence
70. Lesbian Bisexual Feminists
71. Mersin LGBTI 7 Colours’ Education and Research Association
72. Women from Mesopotamia Cultural Center (MKM)
73. Mor Barikat (Purple Barricade)
74. Mor Dayanışma (Purple Solidarity)
75. Nor Radio Women Programmers
76. Nor Zartonk Women’s Council
77. Association of Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD) İstanbul Branch Women’s Commission
78. Association of Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD) İzmir Women’s Commission
79. Pink Life LGBTT Association
80. Women from Radio Flora / Hannover
81. Women Without Borders
82. Social Aid Network-SODA
83. Women from the Association for Social Rights
84. Socialist Women’s Councils (SKM)
85. SYKP Women’s Council
86. Turkish Medical Association Women Doctors and Women’s Health Division
87. Turkey Homenet/ Home-based Working Women’s Solidarity Network (Ev-ek-sen)
88. Women from the Association of Solidarity with Families of Prisoners (TUHAD)
89. Ümraniye Women and Youth Home
90. Women from Association for Solidarity and Support for Relatives of Disappeared Persons (YAKAYDER)
91. New Democrat Women (Yeni Demokrat Kadın)
92. Women from the New Way (Yeni Yol)
93. Women of the Earth (Yeryüzü Kadınları)
94. Green Left Women
95. Green Feminists
96. Yoğurtçu Women’s Forum
97. Platform for Struggle for Women held Captive by Force