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India: Killing of atheist Farooq - Another Sacrifice At The Altar Of Religious Bigotry

Tuesday 28 March 2017, by siawi3


March 27, 2017

Shamsul Islam

Atheist H Farook’s killing at Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) is another sacrifice at the altar of religious bigotry. Indian sub-continent is becoming the most dangerous zone in the world for scientific minded persons who naturally become atheist. Farook died for a cause and killers who claim that their truth is inalienable prove to be the worst cowards. It seems killer had no arguments/facts to counter Farook’s questions. BTW, did Farook and his thought take birth and develop without God’s consent?

Bhagat Singh, great martyr, whose 86th martyrdom anniversary falls on March 23, 2017, asked the theists few simple question: “Why your omnipotent God does not stop every man when he is committing any sin or offence? He can do it quite easily. Why did he not kill warlords or kill the fury of war in them and thus avoid the catastrophe hurled down on the head of humanity by the Great War? Why does he not just produce a certain sentiment in the mind of the British people to liberate India? Why does he not infuse the altruistic enthusiasm in the hearts of all capitalists to forego their rights of personal possessions of means of production and thus redeem the whole labouring community, nay, the whole human society, from the bondage of capitalism?â€

Surely, if Bhagat Singh was alive today, would not have been spared by the theist butcher’s dagger.

And if we contextualize these questions with the present times, it is going to an endless list. Why did omnipresent-omnipotent creature did not stop suicides of farmers (every 40 minutes one Indian farmer committing suicide since 1995) by providing them with sufficient water, good seeds and cheap loans? Why did God did not stop genocides of 1947, 1884, 1992, 1997, 2002 (to mention few), coach burning at Godhra, massacre of Dalits in different parts of the country? Why does not God appear to save helpless women from rapes and violence? Why does not God produce staple food from the Heavens when people in millions die of hunger? Why does not God ask seas/rivers to behave when millions of human habitations are destroyed by fury of floods and cyclones? Why does not God provide homes to all homeless, jobs to all jobless and medical facilities to all sick?

Once the above questions are responded, there are countless other questions to be put. Theists, please, come out with arguments to prove atheist wrong. The omnipresent-omnipotent institution of God should not look like so weak and vulnerable that one poster, sentence, poem, drama and painting can defame and damage its reputation.
Notably Hindutva organization which miss no opportunity to condemn ‘Islamic terrorism’ are in deep slumber on this killing.