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Muslim Progressive Voices in support of Swiss votation

Tuesday 8 December 2009, by siawi2

A further opinion on the banning of minarets in Switzerland:

In Condemnation Of the Extremists Campaign Against Switzerland Concerning the Banning Of Minarets


The International Quranic Center condemns the phony campaign launched by the extremists who claim to be Muslims, against Switzerland related to the issue of Minarets. The International center considers this campaign to be but a ring in a long chain of events to deepen animosity and mistrust between Muslims and the West.

The International Quranic center stresses that this hostility on the part of the extremists towards the West is incompatible with the tenets of Islam. One of its fundamental articles is that God Almighty, created Mankind from a single pair of one father and one mother, meaning brethren, and made them of different colors and languages that they may peacefully, get to know and interact with each others, not to detest each others violently. Chapter 49 (Al-Hujuraat) verse 13. Furthermore, the brotherly relationships with people of the Book (Jews and Christians) should be founded on vying in benevolence and competition in doing what is good, and differences in religious creed should be put off until Judgment Day, for Almighty God to render a decision concerning our differences. Chapter 5 (Al-Maa’da) verse 48. Part of this competition in doing what is good, is confirmation of religious freedom for religious minorities, guardianship of their rights, aid and support for the oppressed in the world and succor and relief for the disaster and famine afflicted.

The International Quranic Center declares and testifies to the fact that these Quranic moral principles found in the Quran, are practiced by the Christian West without them knowing its presence in the Quran, yet is being violated by Muslim’s political and religious leadership, who know that they are contradicting Islam and the contents of the Quran.


Those extremists are first to know that ritual prayers in Islam are permitted and lawful anywhere, it does not require the building of mosques. THEY are the ones who never tire of repeating a Hadith attributed to prophet Mohammad (PBUH) paraphrased as (The Earth was permitted for me to be a mosque and its dirt is purified), meaning the Muslim can pray in any place on earth.

Those extremists know that minarets are not religiously mandated, and that the first mosque built by the prophet (PBUH) in Al-Medina was extreme in simplicity, mere walls, a simple roof, and pebbles as a floor, and that Omer Ibn Al-Khattaab abhorred using plaster in building mosques and its ornamentation. But when Muslim Arabs tasted luxury and opulence, they copied the Christian style in building churches, and added minarets to match church towers and sometimes to outdo them in height and adornments. Then fanaticism took hold of Muslims in later periods, and banned the building of new churches, as a consequence of religious intolerance during Medieval Ages, which prevailed in both Europe and Muslim lands. Then Europe got rid of the Church’s hegemony, rose up, adopted secularism, democracy, religious freedom and human rights. The Muslims were about to follow suite when the Saudi state erupted, then started spreading, in our times, one of the most fanatic sects of the Middle Ages, under the name of Wahhabism. Due to its petrodollar influence and the support of the American policy, Wahhabism was successful in usurping the name of Islam, to be labeled and accused of extremism, terrorism, stringency and close-mindedness.


Europe and Muslim lands

Switzerland adopts direct democracy, and through direct democracy, it decided on whatever they chose. Objection here is not acceptable, not only because it is considered interference in a popular decision arrived at through democratic means; moreover, it does not interfere with religious freedom, and it does not violate any Islamic ruling or obligation. It is enough to note that Muslims in Christian Switzerland enjoy religious freedoms envied by their coreligionists in Muslim Lands.


In Switzerland, a Muslim can buy a church and converts it into a mosque. In Egypt, a Christian Copt can’t even repair a toilet in his falling apart church without the president’s approval or some other underling’s

Isn’t it silly, stupid, insulting, humiliating and abhorring for those extremists to rise up in their uproar against a decision taken by the Swiss in their land, yet keep their mouths shut, sealed, muted, and deathly silent about the sufferings of Egyptians, Arabs and Muslims under oppression and corruption? Didn’t they ever hear the screams of innocent victims being tortured in prisons, regular police stations and State Police stations?

Didn’t something called conscience, if they have any, move within their soul, spirit, psyche when a fellow sheikh like them, his name is Hasan Shahatah, came out of prison physically destroyed, and psychologically devastated by those gladiators who forced his son to disavow his father publically, all his crime was that he exercised his right to believe in the Shiite doctrine and preach it in ONE mosque, whereas the Wahhabi mosques are mushrooming allover Egypt.


Those are the sheikhs who participate in anchoring regimes of oppression, corruption, torture and human rights abuses. That is how you see them; creating agitation over non-essential issues and fomenting sensationalism over miniscule trivial incidents with the West, just to keep the masses pre- occupied where they won’t demand their rights.

It would not be farfetched not to rule out that this commotion about the minarets is meant to divert attention away from an idea recently adopted and put forth by the International Quranic center for discussion and that is the peaceful, political, educational and enlightenment approach to wrestle the control of the Sacred House and Hajj obligation out of the Saudi control.