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Burka must be banned in public places

Monday 25 January 2010, by siawi2

Azar Majedi was interviewed by BBC Radio Birmingham on Monday 18 and BBC three counties Radio on 22 January on the question of Banning the burka in public places. The call by BNP to ban the burka in UK had generated concern over the issue.

Azar said that she was for the ban of burka in public places, but she would like to state her point of view is completely different on the issue from that of right wing, fascist BNP. Their racist and anti-foreign, anti=Muslim views have to be condemned.

She went on to say that she defends the ban on three grounds: 1- security, 2- the principles of a secular, civil society and 3- Respect for women’s rights and status in society.

1- security, has bee argued a great deal on the programme, so she did not discuss it any further.

2- In a secular, civil society, people must be able to see each others faces in public places. you cannot relate to a faceless person, neither as a costumer, nor service provider. “for example I would never leave my child in a nursery with women employees who have covered their faces.” You need to see people’s faces in order to communicate with them.

3- The veil is a tool and symbol of women’s subjugation and slavery. Burka takes this aspect to even more exaggerated dimensions. “I believe that this is not acceptable to allow women to be degraded to this extent, to become, faceless, identity-less human beings, walking around like ghosts.”
She then gave the link to her article on the veil and burka which has been published in different journals and websites and used as reference in different books.
the link to an interview with More 4 News TV on this issue:

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