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USA: Nazi Wins GOP Nomination For Illinois Congressional Seat

Thursday 22 March 2018, by siawi3


Nazi Wins GOP Nomination For Illinois Congressional Seat

March 21, 2018

by Michael Stone

Republicans nominate a Nazi: A Trump-loving, former Nazi leader and white supremacist wins the GOP nomination for a congressional seat in Illinois.

Arthur Jones, a former leader of the American Nazi Party, is the Republican nominee for the state’s 3rd Congressional District, a congressional seat that represents parts of Chicago and nearby suburbs.

Jones, an outspoken Holocaust denier, anti-Semite activist, and white supremacist, ran unopposed for the Republican nomination.

The former leader of the American Nazi Party is a big Trump supporter, and campaigned for the current president during the 2016 election.

Jones currently heads a group called the America First Committee. Commenting on his group, he said:

Membership in this organization is open to any white American citizen of European, non-Jewish descent.

Commenting on the congressional race, Jones told the Chicago Sun-Times:

Well first of all, I’m running for Congress not the chancellor of Germany. All right. To me the Holocaust is what I said it is: It’s an international extortion racket.

And given the fact that I’ve got no opposition in the primary, OK, I win that one (the primary) by default all right.

As one might expect, Republican leaders are running damage control, and trying to get distance between the party and their candidate. In a statement to the Sun-Times, Tim Schneider, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, said:

The Illinois Republican Party and our country have no place for Nazis like Arthur Jones. We strongly oppose his racist views and his candidacy for any public office, including the 3rd Congressional District.

Yet despite the protests from the Illinois Republican Party, the former Nazi leader’s stand on the issues seems to be mainstream for the GOP.

Jones states the following on his campaign website:

Where I Stand on the Issues

Bring our troops home NOW to defend our borders! Read more…

No more “Sanctuary Cities†! Read more…

No amnesty for illegal aliens! Read more…

Make English the official language! Read more…

Flat tax of 10% Yes; Progressive Income Tax NO! Read more…

Repeal Obamacare; Affordable Health Care for Americans only! Read more…

Pro-life Yes; Homosexual marriage and adoption of children by homosexuals NO! Read more…

Term limits for all Federal judges! Read more…

Repeal treasonous trade treaties, such as NAFTA or the 11 nation Trans Pacific Partnership! Read more…

Gun Owners Rights, including Concealed Carry for personal protection! Read more…

Passage of the Neighborhood Amendment to prevent the destruction of our schools and neighborhoods by aggressive gangs and drug dealers! Read more…

Given these positions, the former Nazi leader sure sounds like a Republican.

Bottom line: In Trump’s America, an anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying, white supremacist and former Nazi leader is the GOP nominee for a congressional seat in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.

Nazi Wins GOP Nomination For Illinois Congressional Seat (Image via Art Jones for Congressman)