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Sudan: Watch This Video and Let’s Get #JusticeForNoura}}

Friday 25 May 2018, by siawi3


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Watch This Video and Let’s Get #JusticeForNoura

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24 mai 2018 — People all over the world are coming together to save Noura’s life. One million of you have signed a petition to prevent her death sentence for stabbing her rapist. But we need to keep going.

Tomorrow is the last day her sentence can be appealed, and right now in places all around the world — Paris, London, Nairobi, Washington DC and more — petitions are being delivered and rallies are happening to support Noura. Several UN bodies have also asked the Sudanese government for clemency.

Please watch this video below featuring 16 year old Zaynub Afinnih, who started this petition and has rallied more than 1 million voices calling for Noura’s life to be spared. Share Noura’s story, and let’s keep global momentum on her case for the next 24 hours.

Watch the video here:

This campaign is also continuing to get international press, including in CNN and Reuters. Thank you for all you’ve done to raise awareness about Noura’s case and help to save her life.

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Noura, a 19-year-old who defended herself from a forced marriage and rape, could be executed within days unless Sudanese officials respond to global pressure to save her life. Join the more than a million people who are calling for Noura’s life to be spared.)]