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Sri Lanka: Six Mosques Attacked

Tuesday 14 May 2019, by siawi3


May 13, 2019


Six Mosques Attacked

Government blocked social media following a series of attacks on Mosques and Muslim-owned properties by unified mobs.

Six mosques have been targeted in a string of violent attacks overnight and into the morning.

“3 mosques, 1 jumma mosque and 2 small mosques were attacked and pillaged in Kiniyama, Bingiriya in Kurunegala District while curfew was in place this early morning 13.05.2019, President’s Counsel Mohamed Ali Sabry wrote on his Facebook.

Ali Sabry who is vocal against radical Islamists wrote:

“This is how a Muslim has seen this 👇

👉curfew -> STF protection-> Destroying a particular group’s properties-> some time power cuts as well.

👉Great security authorities who defeated two terrorisms become just spectators front of the Mobs with stones.

👉Same mobs move to adjacent towns as well.

We have seen the same drama in Alutgama, Gintota and Digana as well. Unfortunately the powers given by emergency state is enough only to shoot a driver who doesn’t stop at the checkpoint.

Victims are to be arrested not the mobs.”

“This is getting out of hand. Enough racism. It’s not going to solve the issues but further escalate it,” he further wrote.

Meanwhile Police curfew has been imposed in the Kuliyapitiya, Bingiriya, Dummalasuriya and Hettipola Police Divisions as of 2pm today till 4am tomorrow.