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Sri Lanka: Asgiri Prelate Calls For Stoning Of Muslims – But Remains Immune To ICCPR Act Violations

Wednesday 19 June 2019, by siawi3


June 18, 2019

Asgiri Prelate Calls For Stoning Of Muslims – But Remains Immune To ICCPR Act Violations

One of Sri Lanka’s highest Buddhist authority figures – Asigiri Chapter Prelate Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana has called for the stoning of Muslims and urged Sinhala Buddhists to refrain from frequenting Muslim-owned shops and consuming food offered by Muslims. For such blatant vitriol against Muslims, fanning the growing unfounded paranoias about the Muslims – he remains untouched; no charges have yet been brought against the Asigiri Chief prelate for violating the ICCPR Act.

In an anti-Muslim speech delivered on Sunday in the presence of UNP MP Mayantha Dissanayake, Gnanarathana thera makes a shameful display of hate towards Muslims – spewing words that completely violate the very non-violent principles Buddhism stands for.

“Mayantha here was talking earlier about how Muslims shouldn’t be sidelined… But even I will say now, don’t go to these Muslim owned shops, dont’ consume the food they offer,†the Asgiri Chief prelate said while adding, “The Muslims don’t love us [Sinhalese]…â€

He goes on to state that it is a well known fact that Muslims have poisoned ‘our people’ [Sinhalese] and that they have been plotting to destroy ‘our people’. The thera says therefore it is of paramount importance that Buddhists protect themselves.

Further egging on the growing Islamophobia, this monk representing one of the highest orders of the Buddha Shasana in Sri Lanka, also implies he believes the younger generation will be infertile due to frequenting Muslim owned eateries.

He also speaks of the sterilization rumours – adds fuel to the fire. He speaks of a Doctor from Matale who destroyed hundreds and thousands of ‘our children’. The thera is most likely referring to Dr. Shafi from Kurunegala who now appears to have been falsely accused of sterilizing Sinhala women.

The thera says such ‘traitors’ must not be left in peace.

“I overheard some Upaasaka Ammas here speaking of how these doctors must be stoned to death. . . I will not say it should happen, but that is what should happen…If one of our people committed such crimes against them [Muslims], we would have been sliced to death…†he goes on spewing further hate on Muslims.

The Chief prelate also revealed his true agenda – the reason behind why he so vehemently spewed vitriol against Muslims – his campaign for the Rajapaksas at the upcoming Presidential polls.

With no announcement made so far about the candidate or the specific election dates, Sri Gnanarathana thera seems to have already declared the winner.

“I heard this very auspicious news, that Chamal Rajapaksa will be the future President of this country… I had not heard this before but was overjoyed to hear it…I invite Mayantha too, crossover and help rebuild and save this country,†he added. (By Purnima Ranawaka)