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Sudan: Information from the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change and from the Sudanese Professionals Association

Tuesday 2 July 2019, by siawi3


Soudan: Information from the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change and from the Sudanese Professionals Association

Tuesday 18 June 2019,

by FDFC, SPA (Sudan)

FDFC- Revolutionary Escalation Schedule

SPA June 18, 2019

The noble people of Sudan,

Our triumphant revolution is reconstructing across Sudan; in cities, villages and, the countryside, renewing the covenant with our beloved brothers and sisters who despite their deaths live with us forever. The Sudan we all want and for which they have sacrificed their lives shall become a reality, a respectable sovereign nation.

To the tyrants who believed for a while that victory was theirs, we say, our people will rise up and stretch their wings, a phoenix, shaking off the ashes with will and determination, to recommence the journey and complete the revolution.

The schedule in preparation for revolutionary escalation for this week:

Monday 17 June:
– Awareness campaigns by neighborhood committees, focusing on the current political situation and preparation of the public action agenda
– Promotional activities in neighborhoods and the formation of civil disobedience committees
– Preparation for community meetings and the central colloquium

Tuesday 18 June:
– Signing in the Revolutionary Attendance Ledger to renew commitment to the continuity of the struggle, organization, and revolutionary action towards the transitional civil authority
– Evening demonstrations across Sudan; in cities, towns, and villages in demand of the handover of power to a transitional civil authority and in condemnation of the 3rd of June massacres

Wednesday 19 June:
– Meetings in community centers and open spaces in the neighborhoods to raise awareness about the current political situation and mobilize the masses
– Central colloquia in neighborhoods, towns and villages and continuation of promotional activities
– Evening demonstrations in cities, towns, and villages across Sudan to call for the formation of the transitional civil authority and condemn the 3rd of June massacres

Thursday 20 June:
– Staged demonstrations by professionals, employees, tradesmen, and workers in the national capital and provinces (wearing blue ribbons in condemnation of the sit-in massacres)
– Central colloquia in the capital and in major cities in various states
– Mass processions starting from the neighborhoods of the capital, major cities, and villages in states across Sudan to conference venues in demand of the transitional civil authority and in condemnation of the 3rd of June massacres

Friday 21 June:
– Addresses and five-track revolutionary events in some provinces
– Neighborhood committee meetings
– Central conferences in neighborhoods, towns and, villages along with the continuation of promotional activities.

Saturday 22 June:
– Continuation of the revolutionary events in the provinces
– Central colloquia in neighborhoods, towns and, villages and the continuation of promotional activities

We call upon all the people of Sudan in the neighborhoods in cities, towns, and villages in all parts of our beloved country to print and distribute this schedule widely.

Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change
16 June 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association


Our dear Brothers and Sisters in Humanity, and all those who stand in solidarity with the Sudanese people…

On behalf of the revolutionary people of Sudan, we would like to offer our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your solidarity and generosity, which we have felt since the launch of #BlueForSudan.

Even before it went viral, we had received support in many forms, from trade unions, political parties, pressure groups, and human rights organizations around the world. This has helped bring attention to our nation’s peaceful revolution, which has, so far, managed to topple the dictator Omer AlBashir and continues on its path to achieving our goals towards forming a democratic nation. We fight for our fundamental rights of freedom, peace and justice despite the suppression and oppression we still face in this 21st century.

#BlueForSudan is trending in memory of Mohammed Hashim Mattar, one of victims of the June 3rd massacre, instigated to disperse the sit-in in front of the Military Headquarters in Khartoum. In a matter of hours, the forces and militia of the Military Coup Council (MCC) took the lives of over a hundred peaceful protesters, using the most violent and brutal means. The massacre has shaken the Sudanese people to their core. Those who survived the violent dispersal of the sit-in still suffer from the trauma of humiliation, verbal, physical and sexual assault, and excessive use of bullets that they were subjected to.

We draw strength from our great people’s abilities and perseverance, and your ongoing support and solidarity, to continue our peaceful struggle. We shall not rest until we get rid of the Military Coup Council, and all remnants of the criminal regime; in order to clear the path to a new civilian Sudan, worthy of the diversity, richness and dignity of its people;and so that Sudan can restore its position as an active player in the international community, and a friend to all peace-loving nations; and for us to mend our reputation tarnished by the totalitarian regime of Bashir, and its adjunct Military Coup Council, which is following on its footsteps.

SPA Media Team
14th June 2019


Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change – Statement

Yesterday’s press conference by the Transitional Military Council (TMC) was but a continuation of the misinformation campaign we have been watching in all their press conferences post the 29th of Ramadan massacre. Once again, the TMC demonstrates the same shortsighted approach of the defunct regime in adopting violence as the only answer to political problems.

The explicit and implicit threats voiced by the TMC’s spokespersons at the press conference cannot undermine the unity of the DFC Forces. They are only a clear indication of an ill-sighted approach in dealing with a crisis of their own making. TMC’s admission to ordering the brutal crackdown on protesters at the army HQ sit-in makes them the first defendant in this heinous crime.

The press conference was littered with misleading and false statements. Here are some examples:

The proposal of shifting the venue of negotiations to Addis Ababa was actually an initiative of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, communicated to us on Wednesday June 12. We instantly opposed that proposal, making it clear that we wanted the negotiation process to remain at home. Accordingly, the Ethiopian Embassy withdrew that proposal on the same day. Now TMC is alleging that it was FDFC who asked for taking the negotiations to Ethiopia.

The 3rd of June massacre at the army headquarters sit-in was a well-documented crime that all the Sudanese people and the entire world watched. The Sudanese Doctors Syndicate and the Doctors Central Committee have a detailed list of the victims and the cause of death-and more reports are still unfolding. This sacred Sudanese blood is too precious to be tainted with lies, disinformation, and political games. TMC’s statement at the press conference contradicts even with previous testimonies by the same Council. This is a crime against the Sudanesepeople and it is imperative that we have an independent inquiry and that perpetrators are brought to justice. We condemn TMC’s miserable attempts to downplay the magnitude of this massacre.

Accusing the DFC Forces of plotting a military coup is tantamount to covering the sun with a finger. For those forces have remained faithful for six consecutive months to their commitment to peaceful means.

TMC alluded at some rifts within the ranks of the FDFC, in an attempt to seed discord amongst its factions by making positive remarks about the Umma and the Sudanese Congress Parties while airing negative ones about the Communist Party. These attempts will not succeed. The FDFC have never been more united in their demands for a civilian-led government in the transitional period.

By setting a time for resumption of negotiations on transfer of power, without addressing the clearly defined prerequisites, the TMC is only trying to give the false impression that FDFC are not serious in reaching an agreement and preventing bloodshed.

TMC has clearly admitted now that it has control over the militias, shadow brigades and other criminals who perpetrated the massacre, although it had claimed in the past that the only reason for them to stay in power was to offset the threat of those elements. It is now evidently clear that their true mission is rather to thwart the dreams and aspirations of our popular revolution. All those are maneuvers by TMC to disown their previous commitments as a prelude to announcing its own government in alliance with the defunct regime.

We in the DFC Forces will continue our unswerving struggle with our people until justice, freedom, and peace reign in our country.

Forces of DFC
14 June 2019


Statement: Violations against those who participated in the civil disobedience

Sudanese Professionals’ Association

According to field reports, and in clear violation of human rights and the right to work, numerous incidents of detention, arbitrary dismissal, persecution, and harassment have occurred, targeting activists in neighborhood committees, employees, workers, and craftsmen who have responded to the call for civil disobedience made by the people, and fulfilled by the Sudanese Professionals’ Association. There have also been reports of punitive measures and threats against merchants, sellers, store owners, business owners, and their employees for participating in the civil disobedience.

During the days of our resolute civil disobedience, the Military Coup Council has worked hard to oppress the people, through threats of evacuating public residences, and coerced work at gun-point.

These tyrannical ways are but an extension of the methods of the defunct regime. Their use of arbitrary dismissal and reassignment of professionals, employees, and national competencies, to the so-called “Public Good”, was only to empower the regime’s followers and loyalists, leading to the total collapse of the civil service, and leading the nation down the road to total collapse.

We in the Sudanese professionals Association, assert that there is no power that can crush the will of the people. Even if coerced at gun point, our people, who have chosen full civil disobedience, will not succumb to the tyranny of despots who absolutely lack any shred of legitimacy or right to impose laws upon the Sudanese people.

The right to civil disobedience is one imposed by the people. Therefore, we warn against taking any sort of punitive measures against, or intimidation of, citizens exercising their right to civil disobedience. We will fight this battle with our people, and will work to expose those who commit such transgressions, which we consider to be a crime as heinous as dispersing the sit-in, or attacking protestors with tear gas and live ammunition.

Our core concern is the safety of activists, neighborhood committee members, and all citizens who are politically active and involved in the ongoing political struggle. We will not hesitate to impose all forms of escalation, in order to guarantee their physical safety and professional right to work.

SPA Media Team
13 June 2019