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USA: Christian Group Cites “Death to Gays” Bible Verse in Call for Hallmark Boycott

Friday 20 December 2019, by siawi3


Christian Group Cites “Death to Gays” Bible Verse in Call for Hallmark Boycott

By Hemant Mehta

December 17, 2019

The mom working the basement desk at One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4439) sent out an angry press release yesterday regarding Hallmark’s decision to rescind its ban on a commercial featuring a lesbian couple getting married. (The company apologized for its hastiness in pulling the ad in the face of pressure from The Mom and admitted it was “the wrong decision.”)

But the press release, calling for a boycott of Hallmark, inadvertently revealed the Christian hate group’s actual agenda.

Family entertainment is not the outlet in which to be politically correct by forcing tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality — a sinful lifestyle that Scripture clearly deems as wrong. You can read so in Romans 1:18-32.

One Million Moms is asking once again for Hallmark to stay true to its family friendly roots that so many families have grown to love, and to keep sex and sexual content — including the promotion of homosexuality — out of its programming.

Besides the fact that damn near every Christmas movie on that channel features a (straight) love story that’s far more explicit that a brief same-sex kiss as seen in that commercial, notice the Bible verse the group wants everyone to read.

The last sentence in Romans 1:18-32 says that men who commit “shameful acts with other men” are deserving of death.

That’s what these Christians want. They believe gay people deserve the death penalty. The Moms gleefully point to the Bible verse that says so in their attempt to eradicate a channel they don’t watch of a commercial they never really noticed until they saw they could fundraise off of it.

That’s also the group that Hallmark caved to until they came to their senses.

The boycott won’t work since One Million Moms and the American Family Association (which oversees it) are far more problematic than the content they’re complaining about, but don’t forget that there really are Christians who believe their hate-rhetoric. There are churches around the country condemning homosexuality in the same way, pointing to the same kind of Bible verses, all while spreading a lie about how Secular Americans are trying to destroy Christmas.