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India: The creative Indian against CAA-NPR-NRC

Tuesday 7 January 2020, by siawi3


The creative Indian against CAA-NPR-NRC

A round-up of the country’s unique protests against CAA-NPR-NRC

ICF Team

December 31, 2019

?Couples in Kerala use wedding day to air protest against CAA and NRC: Malayali couples across Kerala transformed their wedding stages and wedding photoshoots into opportunities to protest the CAA-NRC-NPR. The trend kicked off with Asha Shekhar and Arun Gopi, a couple whose “Save the Date” photos with them holding placards saying “No CAA”, “No NRC” went viral. Read the New Indian Express’s report on Kerala’s unique wedding protests, a trend continuing in various parts of the state.

Palakkad man’s Article 14 auto gets all the attention amidst CAA protests: The photo of the name plate of went “viral” on social media post the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Kunhukuttan’s auto rickshaw, bought around 27 years ago, is named after Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, which guarantees equality before the law for everyone in the country. Read a report by the New Indian Express on PV Kunhukuttan, his auto, town and more.

North East protests against CAA with dharnas and songs: On December 22, Members of the Assamese community in Arunachal Pradesh staged a sit-in protest, singing songs against the CAA and raising slogans in favour of Assam. Similar protests have been going on in the North East since December 13. Read a report by The Print.

Kerala kids show the way to solidarity and harmony: Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sinister comment on the attire of protesters, carol service performers at Kozhenchery’s Marthoma Church last week sang Christmas songs dressed in skull caps and headscarves in solidarity with Indian Muslims and those protesting CAA-NRC-NPR in the nation. The Father of the Church is reported to have said that even Jesus must have been a refugee when Mary and Joseph moved to Bethlehem. The group is being applauded by the state’s civil society for holding up the right values. Read Sabrang India’s report on this. The report also contains a video.

CAA/NRC: Protesters Celebrate Christmas at Jamia, Distribute Copies of Constitution Preamble: On Dec 25, CAA-NRC-NPR protesters at Jamia Millia Islamia university wore Santa hats, cut cakes and sang carols as part of a Christmas celebration at the protest site. An act to celebrate the country’s tradition of pluralism and communal harmony. This happened after PM Modi’s remark on how arsonists could be identified by their clothes. Here is a detailed report by Newsclick.

Kerala music bands bring out songs to protest against CAA and NRC: Two music bands with roots in Kerala have brought out two new singles against the divisive CAA-NRC-NPR combine. While The Down Troddence, a metal band, titled their song “Fight, React, Be a Part,” Street Academics, a bilingual hip-hop band, calls theirs “Hara-Hara”. Read this report carried by The Newsminute.

CAA-NRC: After Social Media Crackdown, Students Take to Dating Sites for Mobilisation: Following massive protests at various parts of the country, some of them have been facing social media censorship. With many of their Facebook and Twitter accounts taken down, students and the youth in general have moved to dating apps like Tinder to spread information about anti-CAA-NRC-NPR protests and organize themselves. Read Newsclick’s report on this very interesing trend.

In Shaheen Bagh, a Satyagraha Against CAA-NRC: For more than 15 days, Shaheen Bagh, a neighbourhood in South Delhi, has seen a sit-in protest, despite the dripping temperatures. This peaceful satyagraha against CAA-NRC-NPR is largely led by women and the place has been filled with protesting women, reciting poetry and singing songs at the site. As per reports, Shaheen Bagh is also set to witness a New Year’s protest party tonight. Watch Newsclick’s video report on the irrepressible Shaheen Bagh satyagraha.

Women, lawyers held for anti-CAA kolam protest: On 29th December, some women in Chennai took to the streets to draw “kolams” (traditional drawings made on the floor of homes with rice flour; largely considered auspicious like northern India’s “rangoli”) in protest against CAA-NRC-NPR. Around 5 women, including lawyers, were detained. Started off by members of a platform called Citizens Against CAA Group, the “kolam” protest was taken up by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), which extended it to the entire state the next day, with its top leaders drawing it in front of their own houses. Read this detailed report.