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The Secular Therapy Project

Saturday 28 March 2020, by siawi3


The Secular Therapy Project

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Doubt Your Beliefs? Have Questions About Changing Or Leaving Your Faith?
You Are Not Alone, And We Are Here To Help.

Learning how to live after questions, doubts, and changing beliefs is a journey. We at Recovering from Religion are intimately familiar with this path, and we are here to help you to cross that bridge. Our passion is connecting others with support, resources, community, and most of all, hope.

We have two forms of support available below: peer support and professional support.

Peer Support
Need to talk to someone On The Phone? Call

If our agents are taking other calls, schedule a call with us. We will callback at your scheduled time from a Blocked Number. If you can, please give us 24 hours lead time.

Here’s where you can find our vast collection of curated online resources:


Would you like to find a face to face support group near you? Click the link below, and it will take you to a list of where the current Support Groups are located. (If one is not in your area, please click here for more information.)

Find A Group

Would you like to chat with someone? Our chat agents are standing by. Just click the green bubble at the bottom left hand corner of the page. If the bubble is not visible, then our agents are unavailable.

Professional Support

The Secular Therapy Project will connect you with a therapist who will offer only evidence-based and non-religious treatment. Our network of skilled and licensed therapists is always growing.

The Secular Therapy Project

The purpose of the Secular Therapy Project (STP) is to help connect non-religious or secular persons who need mental health services with outstanding mental health professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and others. Over 10,000 clients have connected with hundreds of therapists to obtain needed and effective mental health treatment since 2012.

The STP is unique compared to other therapist-locator sites in that it is not just a database of providers. Instead, they very carefully screen potential therapists who want to become part of the STP. All therapist applicants are screened to ensure that a) they are appropriately licensed in their state or country, b) that they are secular in nature as well as practice, and c) that they actually use evidence-based treatments, which have been shown to be effective at helping improve mental health problems in controlled clinical trials. This means not only do therapists from the STP not try to preach to or convert clients, but that they are also using the most well-supported types of treatment available.

The Secular Therapy Project is a program of Recovering from Religion. Recovering from Religion (RfR) is led by Executive Director Gayle Jordan and provides practical support and resources to individuals reconsidering the role of religion in their lives. Founded by Dr. Darrel Ray in 2009, RfR is unwavering in its commitment to provide immediate, compassionate support for individuals anywhere along the spectrum of doubt via work like The Helpline, which gives 24-hour support, and local support groups which provide community and a listening ear for the questions and frustrations that accompany what is often a seismic change in thought process, attitude, and outlook.