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Free Soheil Arabi, political prisoner detained in Iran’s prison


Tuesday 14 April 2020, by siawi3


Free Soheil Arabi,political prisoner detained in Iran’s prison

shahin mohammadi a lanc cette ptition adresse Human Rights Campaign et 2 autres

After 39 days of hunger strike, Soheil Arabis life is in danger.


After 39 days of Soheil Arabi’s hunger strike, Islamic Regime of Iran arrested Soheils mother, Farangis Mazlum, and took her to an unknown location! The purpose is to kill Soheil in silence through his hunger strike.

Political prisoner, Soheil Arabi suffered severe seizures and hypotension on Friday, July 21, due to a long hunger strike. The prison agents transferred him to Tehran’s Khomeini Hospital and due to a long hunger strike and a severe drop in blood pressure which resulted in severe and complete anesthesia, a cardiac resuscitation shock has been performed on him.

On Saturday, July 22, when Soheil got a few injections for some time and felt better, the prison authorities moved him back silently to the prison at night so that no one will be aware of him.

Soheil has lost 10 kilograms during his hunger strike and his blood pressure is very low.

Islamic Regime Of Iran seeks to keep Soheil under pressure and kill him like the other political prisoners in silence!

Soheil Arabi previously by sending a message about the sanctions on the shop and the prison food, has said: "The boycott of shopping from prison stores and not eating a prisoner of custody, of which there are more than 240 thousand prisoners in Iran, each of which has at least 30 thousand tomans cash in the box. The Islamic Regime is pushing prisoners to buy but if we could boycott this, they are forced to see what are the needs of people instead of making more prisons.

There are over 18 million judicial cases, and over 1,000 political prisoners which they have always denied that they have political prisoners. "

Soheil Arabi, in addition to physical problems caused by a hunger strike, was beaten in his testicles and nose by IRGC interrogator Moosa Moosavi for teaching prisoners English and French.
He needed emergency surgery and hospital but they didn’t let him go.

Soheil Arabi was arrested and sentenced to death in 2013 after criticizing Islam and prophet of Islam in his face book page and weblog.
After the appeal, he was sentenced to 7.5 years imprisonment and when it was finished, they sentenced him 3.5 years more imprisonment and exile.

Now we are going to protest against islamic Regime of Iran and it’s policies against Soheil Arabi and other political prisoners.

Please share this petition and support us by joining the protest all over the globe or use the #FreeSoheil in social media to let people know about Soheil.