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U.K. Once again, collusion between Left party and Muslim fundamentalists

Monday 25 October 2010, by siawi2

Editor’s comment: While the national election in Tower Hamlets was won by a secular Bangladeshi/British woman in a very large turnout. Lutfur Rahman , a pro Jamaat candidate won the mayoral election with support from prominent labour politicians even though he had been dropped as the labour candidate.

New low for London’s most rotten borough

Evening Standard , 22.10.10

The election of Lutfur Rahman as Mayor of Tower Hamlets marks a new
low for the borough.

Tower Hamlets has been plagued for some time by Islamist extremists
and by infighting between the Bangladeshi politicians who dominate the
ruling Labour Party.

Now, on a turnout of less than 26 per cent, it has elected a man
supported by Islamist extremists, after one of the nastiest campaigns
in recent London political history.

Mr Rahman, formerly Labour leader of the council, hit the headlines in
March when a Channel 4 documentary highlighted his alleged links to an
Islamist group, the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), based at the East
London Mosque. These allegations were then amplified by his main
rival, Helal Abbas, who presented a dossier to Labour’s National
Executive Committee accusing Mr Rahman of being controlled by the IFE.
On the basis of those allegations — all of which Mr Rahman denies — he
was last month replaced as Labour’s candidate by Mr Abbas.

Mr Rahman’s supporters proceeded to fight a campaign which included
prominent and unfounded allegations in the local Bangla paper that Mr
Abbas was a racist and wife-beater. The source of such smears has
never been spelt out and Mr Rahman denies his campaign team’s
involvement. Meanwhile, Labour’s mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone
threw his backing behind Mr Rahman, despite his own party’s backing
for Mr Abbas and the support of rival party Respect for Mr Rahman.

While embarrassing for the new Labour leader, Ed Miliband, none of the
blame for all this lies at his door. Rather, it is the fault of
factions in London’s most rotten borough — who have now succeeded in
elevating their man to direct control of the borough’s £1.1 billion
annual budget. This is a sad day for one of the most deprived parts of
our city.