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UK: Fighting for gay asylum seekers

Tuesday 30 June 2020, by siawi3

Source: Peter Tatchell Foundation, June 30, 20

Afraz is free & we thank you!
This success belongs to you & our fantastic supporters

Last week we had a HUGE success

24-year-old Afraz, a gay asylum seeker who marched with us at Pride last year, was told he could stay in the UK.

We helped him present his case and we couldn’t be happier.
Afraz is from the Punjab in Pakistan.
At the age of fifteen he arranged to meet a man online but it was a trap.
He spent thirty days in hospital after three men attacked him.
He had been beaten, raped and left for dead.

His parents disowned him and he was at risk of being murdered, so he fled to the UK.

He told us:

“I just dream to be free, to be free to love, to be free to build a new life.”

Now he IS free & plans to go to University to study social work.

Please help us help others like Afraz
Our success starts with YOUR generosity
The Peter Tatchell Foundation, like so many small charities, has taken a financial hit during the Covid-19 crisis. With donors furloughed or unemployed, our income has fallen. Yet during the lockdown we have experienced a larger number of requests for help than normal.

We have not turned away a single person. Last year we supported nearly 300 people, including many LGBTs who faced terrible persecution, just for who they love. This year we are continuing to help hundreds more.