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UK: Julian Assange on trial - The next 24 hours are critical

Monday 7 September 2020, by siawi3


The UK courts are about to decide whether Julian Assange will be extradited.

Sept 7, 20

Sam Klintworth
Amnesty International, Australia

This week, the UK courts will start to decide whether Julian will be extradited to the US, where he could face detention conditions that amount to torture and other ill-treatment, including solitary confinement.

We will hand over 100,000 signatures to the United States authorities in Sydney tomorrow, and it’s crucial that we get as much attention on this as possible.

The next 24 hours are critical, and we urgently need you to do two more things to help Julian:

1) Send this tweet to help #Assange trend on Twitter and keep the eyes of the world on his case

2) RSVP to the virtual rally tomorrow at 11am AEST, where you will hear from me and our staff at the petition handover in Sydney, and have the chance to take further action

The US government is pursuing Julian for having published disclosed documents that included possible war crimes committed by the US military. This activity should not be punishable and mirrors the work that investigative journalists do regularly.

The potential chilling effect of these charges on journalists and others who expose official wrongdoing - by publishing information disclosed to them by credible sources - could have a profound impact on the public’s right to know what their government is up to.

After you send your tweet, please RSVP to the virtual rally, where you hear from me, watch the petition handover in real-time, and have the opportunity to take further action.

Together, we can help challenge injustice and get these charges dropped.