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The Dangers of Treating Whistleblowers as Spies

Jun 24 09:00pm

Monday 21 June 2021, by siawi3


Jun 24 09:00pm
The Dangers of Treating Whistleblowers as Spies

By Press Freedom Defense Fund · Unlisted

Presented by First Look Institute’s Press Freedom Defense Fund and The Intercept in partnership with Yale Law School’s Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic

Whistleblowers, who in recent years have exposed the U.S government’s unlawful surveillance, war crimes, and violations of civil liberties, face imprisonment for their acts of conscience. Why are they treated as spies?

The World War I-vintage Espionage Act has become the U.S. government’s blunt instrument to suppress information that the public needs to know.

Join Daniel Ellsberg and our panel of First Amendment and civil rights experts as they discuss his and other Espionage Act cases, the lack of a public interest or First Amendment defense, and the prospects for reforming or repealing the Espionage Act.

Speakers include:

Gadeir Abbas, senior litigation attorney, Council on American-Islamic Relations

Daniel Ellsberg, former Defense and State Department official who revealed the Pentagon Papers

David Schulz, director of Yale’s Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic, and member of the Press Freedom Defense Fund Advisory Committee

Moderated by Vanessa Gezari, national security editor, The Intercept, and adjunct professor at Columbia Journalism School

Introduction by Tom Rosenstiel, executive director, the American Press Institute and member of the Press Freedom Defense Fund Advisory Committee.

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