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UK: #CorrectTheRecord and apologise about the damage they’ve done to Assange

Sunday 28 November 2021, by siawi3


WISE Up Action – A Solidarity Network for Manning and Assange
WISE Up is a Welsh, Irish, Scottish, English grassroots solidarity network for Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning and Julian Assange

Ideas for Action

← #CorrectTheRecord in the #AssangeCase: The BBC again October 2021

On the 3rd Anniversary of The Guardian’s publishing The Manaford/Assange false story we call out a protest outside it’s offices on Tuesday 30/11/21 at 2-4pm with a simple message to #CorrectTheRecord and apologise about the damage they’ve done to him.

We shall also celebrate the happy release of another Friend of #WikiLeaks Craig Murray, Join us!

Posted on November 27, 2021

by greekemmy

We have previously published a long read about how The Guardian help terminate Julian Assange’s political asylum which led to his arrest by the Metropolitan Police and incarceration at HMP Belmarsh, maximum security prison. Last year we held two protests outside their offices in October with statements of support from Chris Williamson Jonathan Cook and Jonathan Cook. We returned in December that year with another protest with a speech from Deepa Driver distributing flyers and unfolding a 10 metre ‘Defend Julian Assange banner over the canal. Luke Harding one of the authors of the false reporting was confronted about our protest and we hope that this year The Guardian will capitulate and issue a retraction on the story and an explanation of how and why it published it. Watch here a stirring video of how propaganda has been used to demonise WikiLeaks and degrade Julian Assange.

We return this year for another protest November 30th between 2-4 with our our flyers ready to spread the truth and champion it. We will raise our voices loud and clear in defence of Julian Assange and we hope that the Guardian staff and editors will hear our voices and come talk to us.

As the years go by we learn more and more about the conspiracy against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. Today Journalists John MacAvoy and Pablo Navarette have published a new article in The Mint Press with explosive evidence that The Guardian authors knew Julian Assange was being surveilled inside the Ecuadorian Embassy by UC Global. They knew about the involvement of Sheldon Adelson, the article poses the following questions which we will bellow on Tuesday through our megaphone:

What did Kirchgaessner know about the relationship between UC Global, Sheldon Adelson, and the Ecuadorian Embassy security operation in 2018, before this was public knowledge? Why was this not reported on at the time?
Why did the Guardian not report on the fact that Assange’s private conversations were being transcribed by a security company that was supposed to be protecting him?
Did the Guardian continue to use sources in Ecuador’s intelligence service after it was warned that they were spreading disinformation?
Given that the Guardian had lines to access CCTV footage at the Ecuadorian Embassy, did it try to attain material evidence of Manafort’s alleged visit? If not, why?
Why has the Guardian not added any correction notes or provided a retraction to its Manafort story?
Why is the third author of the Manafort story, Fernando Villavicencio, still not listed on the Guardian’s website? Why was he seen as a reputable journalist to cover Assange?


We will also celebrate the happy occasion of Craig Murray’s release from prison in Scotland, a true friend of WikiLeaks and persecuted writer and journalist. We are looking forward to him continuing with his invaluable work, documenting, analysing and explaining to a wide public that is really happening at the Assange court hearings.

Welcome back Craig Murray!

The Time: Tuesday 30/11/21 2-4pm
The Place: 90 York Way, London, N1 9GU
Nearest Tube: Kings Cross
*** Join our Action! in solidarity #FreeAssange ***