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Iran: End the Brutal Crackdown!


Thursday 24 November 2022, by siawi3


Iran: End the Brutal Crackdown!

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To world governments:

We call on you to help stop the brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters in Iran, help free those unlawfully detained, stop the death sentences, and set up an independent UN mechanism to investigate and end impunity for grave crimes in Iran. Global pressure works and must include targeted sanctions on Iranian officials and institutions behind the deadly violence against protesters.

Iran: End the Brutal Crackdown!

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It’s shocking — Iranian courts sentenced five people to death over the mass protests that have swept through the country.

Many more people are in immediate danger. Journalists, human rights defenders, university students, moms, and schoolchildren have been murdered — and many of those arrested face torture, enforced disappearance, and unfair trials.

The regime is not backing down, and is now even resorting to public executions to crush the revolution. We must stand with the people in Iran!

Thousands of Iranians continue to protest, and we can help them keep the world’s attention on their struggle for freedom and justice. Sign our urgent petition now for world governments to help stop these brutal killings — and we will bring our voices straight into a crucial UN session.

Photo Credit: Matt Hrkac
Posted: 21 November 2022

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