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India: Defending the Idea of India

Conference Delhi April 15

Saturday 8 April 2023, by siawi3

Source: via email

Defending the Idea of India
April 15, 2023
Speaker Hall, Constitution Club

There is growing violence, an atmosphere of hatred across the nation and a consistent attack on the democratic fabric of our country. Constitutional and human rights of people, most notably – the fundamental right to equality, the right to live with dignity, to question the state and dissent – have been trampled with impunity. Institutions of oversight have been systematically emaciated, with the independence of the judiciary under a serious cloud and the functioning of the Parliament gravely compromised. We have learnt from the experience of neighbouring countries, once these structures are allowed to crumble, nations pay huge prices to rebuild them. 

We feel that the urgency to intervene in defence of diversity, pluralism, democracy, constitutional values and justice has never been more pressing than in the conditions prevailing in the country today. It is therefore necessary to energize all peace loving citizens by conscious interventions.

Anhad is organising a convention: Defending the Idea of India on April 15, 2023 from 2.30-6.30pm at the Constitution Club, New Delhi. 

Chair: Prof Mridula Mukherjee

Aditya Mukherjee
Anjali Bhardwaj
Ashok Vajpeyi
Avinash Kumar
Pamela Philipose
Prem Shankar Jha
Santosh Mehrotra
Siddharth Vardarajan
Vrinda Grover
Zoya Hasan

Followed by tea and snacks and informal discussion

The program is open to students, activists, artists, filmmakers, writers, media, professionals, unionists and all concerned citizens who want to contribute in building An Inclusive India.