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Anti Abortion Extremism: The Army of God

by Justin C Altum

Sunday 15 June 2008

(Published in: Chrestomathy - Annual Review of Undergraduate Research at the College of Charleston, Volume 2, 2003: pp. 1-12

© 2003 by the College of Charleston, Charleston SC 29424, USA


Following the Supreme Court’s decision in the 1973 case Roe v.
Wade to legalize abortion, a movement instantly formed to protest what
many feel is the ultimate betrayal of God’s will. The anti-abortion
movement takes on several forms, most of which are peaceful and
perfectly legal. However, picketing abortion clinics and lobbying
lawmakers were soon joined by more extreme methods of opposition
largely based on violence, much to the dismay of both the pro-choice
and mainstream pro-life movements. The impact of radical anti-abortion
groups has almost been counteractive to the pro-life movement as a
whole, because in recent years, “the ranks of nonviolent clinic blockaders
have shrunk, largely as acts of terrorism have alienated many in the
larger anti-abortion movement.”1

One radical anti-abortion group that has made a considerable
impact in the abortion arena is the Army of God. Even though there is
consistent evidence of the Army of God’s activity since its inception,
many experts believe the group “is not so much an organization” but
more of “a shared set of ideas and enemies.”2 Nonetheless, the
individuals who make up the Army of God have managed to channel
their emotions toward a goal that has developed into stopping abortion,
at all costs.

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