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Egypt - National Council on Women, on sexual assaults in Tahrir Square

Thursday 14 March 2013, by siawi3

NCW calls on all women and girls abused in the demonstrations to approach the Council

Created on Tuesday, 05 February 2013 08:13

The National Council for Women (NCW) calls on all women and girls who were subjected to any form of violence or violations during their participation in the demonstrations to approach it to consider initiating a lawsuit against the perpetrators.

The telephone numbers of the Council are as follows:

33871204- 33871202

The hotline: 08008883888

Fax No. : 033870595

NCW also declares its full solidarity of the victims of these accidents and its willingness to offer them judicial and psychological support.

Ambassador Mervat Tallawy, NCW President, stated that as the Council seeks to confront the phenomenon of harassment against women and ladies in the streets and public places which has lately escalated, it is currently studying a draft law which criminalize harassment, a crime which was not specifically defined in the penal code.

Ambassador Talawy pointed out the law aims to toughen the penalty of harassment through dealing with it as a crime of definite definition. It also aims to take the necessary action to stop such outrageous behaviors which constitutes unprecedented violation of human rights, human dignity and Egyptian women’s rights.