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Religion imposed on children is child abuse


Saturday 20 April 2013, by siawi3


is a 7mns documentary that denounces religious brainwashing as a form a child abuse and makes an eloquent comparison between Muslim fundamentalist indoctrination (on children tv channels for example) and US evangelicals’ summer camps; for the latter the young woman borrows from a documentary called “Jesus Camp”, which is available on Youtube.

Two former Muslims/ “apostates” come out: Two young women (teens really) publicly renouncing Islam, or explaining that their parents’ religion was never chosen but imposed on them as babies.

We know that the RSS / Hindu fundamentalists in India do the very same in terms of running kids summer camps; so does Hamas, so did the nazis, etc.

No wonder that elected fundamentalist representatives (those who use “moderate” tools and democratic processes to gain political power, then tend to become more upfront about their goals and means) systematically insist on getting the ministry of education as a priority: how to indoctrinate future generations.