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Egypt: Morsi Was Not Democratically Elected

Monday 22 July 2013, by siawi3

Source: email

Amina Sarwat Abaza
Egyptian Ambassador for World Animal Day
S.P.A.R.E Founder and President

Morsi’s election

His party, the Islamic brotherhood falsified voters and voters of their party had more ballots, the most surprising event was an elector who has prepared 60 different newsletters, used in different voting locations.
This is to allow these fraudsters to vote in all the elections which were spread over several days.
The court was informed of the fraudulent matter before Morsi was removed
Another fraud case was in regards the national printing company that has issued several hundred thousand ballots that were given to Morsi supporters to stuff the ballot box.
Anti-Morsi and especially the Christians were for all practical purposes not allowed to vote , at times with threats to burn their houses or shops and kill their children.
In Egypt, the polls are supervised by a magistrate (This is the law). The judiciary refused to oversee the polls, mainly because “Muslim brothers” flocked en masse to the polls to intimidate voters and force them to vote for Morsi.
In addition to these bullies present at the polling stations, pro-Morsi organized in long queues in front of polling stations. These queues almost did not move, and voted very slowly. So that other voters tired of waiting and ended up going home.
It is established JUDICIALLY AND BEFORE THE REMOVAL OF MORSI, that it is the general Shafiq who won the presidential elections. But the Muslim Brotherhood has threatened to set the country on fire and soak it in blood if Morsi was not declared the winner. The army relented for fear of bloodshed.
In light of above-mentioned fraud, the judiciary cancelled the National Assembly elections , and dissolved it.
The Day the High Constitutional Court was to make its decision on the validity of the vote on the Constitution, hordes of thugs paid by Islamists besieged the Court building and prevented the judges from meeting.
This is how Morsi and his criminal mafia came to power. So, please, check the facts before giving lessons in democracy to the whole world.

Post Morsi’s Election

Since Morsi’s election, the “deputies” of the dissolved National Assembly proposed the following pieces of legislation:
A law abolishing the minimum age of marriage for marriage of underage girls and even children . This is because the Prophet married Aisha when she was nine.
A law abolishing compulsory education for children and free primary education. This is because we do not need schools, as the Prophet himself was illiterate.

Since Morsi was “elected” the Christians were accused of being “crossed”; i.e. enemies of Egypt and Islam, whereas in reality Egypt is their country
forever. Countless churches were burned, and many Christians killed. The government did not even condemn the heinous acts.

Hundreds of girls and young Christian women were the target of the most radical Islamists. Removed from their families, they are then converted and forcibly married. In addition to the Christians, there were in May 2013 a pogrom where Islamists murdered other Shiite Muslims while praying. The goal is to foment a civil and sectarian war.
Morsi and his mafia have deliberately left jihadists AQIM and HAMAS in est Sinai to serve as a support force if he was to be overthrown, and then allowing a solution of Israel / Palestine conflict by installing the Palestinians in Sinai. To this end, they introduced in the constitution (now abolished) an article allowing the president the SALE of any part of the country he wants to whom he wants, including a foreign power: In effect, an article legalizing high treason.
Since the inauguration of Morsi, the Islamists ushered in a reign of terror:
A couple of young lovers and murdered them in the street, because Sharia prohibits youth dating
An unveiled girl in elementary school, mowed in class by the schoolmistress
Everyday there were incidents of this kind.

Morsi appointed as governor of the tourist area of Luxor a member of a terrorist organization that had killed 75 tourists at the Temple of Hatshepsut.

Morsi appointed a minister of culture, since taking office, closed the Cairo Opera House, banned dancing and imposed television series “without actresses.”

Since the inauguration of Morsi, this has happened:
Drop in tourism
Assassination of culture
The economy is not better: Foreign exchange reserves fell below the critical minimum, and the governor of the central bank resigned
Employment has increased by 30% in one year
Prices have increased by 40%
The Egyptian pound was devalued from 1 Euro = LE 7 to 1 Euro = LE 13.

The people, who are the source of democratic legitimacy, have not agreed to live three more years under a criminal regime that will eventually falsify the next election as the previous one. So the people have imposed their will.

To the disaffected and other lecturers, I will answer them paraphrasing Aimé Césaire “The Egyptian people, they bother you.”

French translation: article 5794