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Egypt: Ayat Hamada - A Student Arrested from Inside Her Campus

Monday 13 January 2014, by siawi3


08-Jan-2014 20:17:44 GMT

by Mahmoud Salmani

[message from Ayat Hamada from inside her prison]
[Ayat during her participation in the festival birthday the Marytr Mohamed Christie]
[Ayat during her participation in one of the demonstrations]
[Ayat during her participation in the Orphan Day in April 2013]

Ayat Mamdouh Hussein Hamada is an 18 year old student in the women’s College of Commerce at the University of Al Azhar. A member of activist groups Ikhwan Kazeboon, Tamarrod and Friends of the Marytr Christie, she was involved in the a wide number of initiatives against the deposed president Mohamed Morsi. She was arrested on December 28th 2013 from outside her college’s door as she was checking her exam schedule.

There were clashes ongoing nearby and the security forces invaded the campus and positioned themselves in front of Ayat’s college. At one point an officer told her to grab a fellow student. She refused. And when the police mounted an attack on the students the officer grabbed Ayat by her hair and dragged her and threw her into a police truck, along with 13 other girls. They were taken to a State Security building in Nasser City where they were beaten by the police. At around 11 pm they were taken to a Central Security Forces barracks where the beatings continued and they were hosed with cold water.

The public prosecutor interrogated them in the barracks - in clear violation of the office’s legal obligations - and charged them with protesting without permission, assaulting police officers, arson, damage to private and public property, theft and vandalism.

Ayat was held in remand for 15 days and is currently being held in temporary detention in Qanater prison. Ayat suffers from a heart condition which will potentially be exacerbated in prison. Furthermore, if her detention is extended by another 15 days she will most likely miss her mid-term exams and so fail her first semester of university. The Prosecutor’s Office will decide if she will be held for a further 15 days on Thursday 9th January .

This is a message from Ayat from prison: “I’m well, thank God, and I am free whether they give me another 15 days or a year. Don’t worry about me or the girls with me - I was beaten for defending one of them and another stood up for me. Don’t forget any of the unknown prisoners - the prisons are full of the free".

Freedom for Ayat Hamada, Ahmed Abdelrahman, Hossam Hassan, Loay Alqahwaqi, Islam Hassanein, Omar Hatheq, Alaa Abd El Fattah and Mohamed Ihab. Support the oppressed in Egypt’s prisons, whether you agree with them or not.

Renewal judge renews detention for Ayat Hamada and 13 Girls 15 days pending investigation on Thursday 9th January .