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Russia: First anti-gay arrest of the Olympics?


Wednesday 5 February 2014, by siawi3

Update – 103,865 of us have now signed the petition to Olympic sponsors like Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Visa!

In 6 days, All Out members will gather at McDonalds restaurants and corporate sponsor headquarters from Rio to London.

We’ll deliver the petition showing the total number of signatures – the bigger the petition, the more potential angry customers they will see they’re facing.

Can you help get to 150,000 names before Wednesday’s delivery? Sign the petition:

Previous email:

BREAKING – First anti-gay arrest of the Olympics?

Sign now to get Olympic sponsors to speak out and stop the attacks.

Friends –

BREAKING: An Olympic security officer attacked and detained a young man who held up a rainbow flag and ducked under the rope during the Olympic torch relay in Voronezh, Russia.

Officials and sponsors promised that everyone will be safe from anti-gay discrimination during the Winter Olympics. That promise may now have been broken.

Corporate sponsors have the most to lose right now as their global Olympic ads roll out. If we all raise a massive outcry, we’ll make sure they have to speak out – or they’ll risk losing face in front of the whole world.

Click here to sign the petition to ask all Olympic sponsors to speak out against Russia’s anti-gay laws:

Shockingly, the security official appeared to be wearing a Coca-Cola logo on his uniform during the attack.

Coca-Cola has tried to claim again and again that it’s a pro-equality company, but its ongoing silence in the face of anti-gay attacks at the Olympics says otherwise. And, the company hurt its reputation earlier this month when it cut a gay couple from its “Reasons to Believe” advertisement in Ireland.

Do Coca-Cola and the other Olympic sponsors really stand for equality? If they want to say yes, they have to speak out on Russia now. Sign now to put huge pressure on them:

The Olympics are fast approaching and All Out members have already shown we’re willing to go the distance. We’ve done everything from holding the Global Speak Out for Russia in more than 34 cities around the world to sending thousands emails to Coca-Cola’s CEO and the President of the Olympics Committee demanding answers. We even drove our message home with 3 trucks circling Coca-Cola’s HQ.

If the sponsors continue their silence, we’re ready take to the streets again in a new Global Speak Out right before the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, when the whole world will be watching.

Had corporate sponsors stood up to Putin months ago, this attack might not have happened. But it’s not too late for them to help. Getting sponsors to speak out publicly is one of the most important actions we can all take right now before the Olympics to help protect LGBT people.

Sign now before anyone else is attacked or arrested:

Thanks for going All Out,

Andre, Hayley, Jeremy, Marie, Sara, Wesley and the rest of the All Out team.

PS: Could you support the campaign by buying an Olympic Principle 6 “Sport Does Not Discriminate” shirt, hoodie or bag? All Out and our partner Athlete Ally will use the funds to directly power the campaign and Russian organisations working with LGBT people. Order online here:


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