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China: Bangladesh a ‘firewall’ against terror

Friday 7 March 2014, by siawi3


March 6, 2014 22:48 IST

Haroon Habib

China on Thursday said that Bangladesh “really matters” to Beijing as it is an “important developing country” with a booming economy.

According to Chinese ambassador Li Jun, China wants to contribute to Bangladesh’s development as the country was contributing to global peace and regional stability.

Mr Li Jun, who met diplomatic correspondents on Thursday, also remarked that Bangladesh’s “improving” ties with its neighbours added to regional stability and its zero-tolerance of terrorism acted as a “firewall” against the spread of terror.

The Chinese envoy also remarked the current world order did not suit developing countries, and “a politically stable and an economically prosperous Bangladesh can play a role conducive to world peace and the establishment of a more just and fair international order.”

Unlike Western countries, he said, China would be “non-interfering in internal affairs” of Bangladesh.

“We still believe a peaceful dialogue between the two major parties can solve Bangladesh’s political impasse,” he said in an obvious reference to the eruption of violence linking to the Jan. 5 parliamentary elections.

China, along with India and Russia, backed the new government headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina when many Western countries called for fresh elections.

The envoy said Bangladesh and China would have “great opportunities for cooperation, especially in building the Sonadia deep sea port, power plant construction and river tunnel”.

He, however, made it clear that the China-Bangladesh relationship would not be “at the cost of Bangladesh-India relations.”