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Iran: Protest European Representative wearing a veil in Tehran on March 8

Tuesday 11 March 2014, by siawi3

Association créée par Simone de Beauvoir
6 Place Saint-Germain des Prés, 75006 Paris

6 rue de la Rochefoucauld, 75009, Paris

Endorsed by: Féministes en Mouvement , Féminisme et Géopolitique, Femmes Solidaires, Mouvement Pour la Paix et Contre le Terrorisme, Osez le Féminisme, Regards de Femmes.

Mr Barroso
Mr Van Rompuy
Mr Venizelos

It is with strong indignation and indeed with stupefaction that we saw Ms. Catherine Ashton, wearing a long black scarf covering her hair and her neck, at the press conference she held in Teheran together with the Iranian President, Hassan Rohani!

Behind her was the flag of the European Union, a flag of which we are proud, since it is supposed to remind everybody that the European Union is one of the regions in the world where women’s rights are most advanced. Ms. Ashton should have remembered that since, responsible for the European Union’s foreign policy, she is not merely a simple citizen; she must represent us all.

By thus submitting flagrantly to a iniquitous law that, since 1979, has forced all Iranian women to render their bodies invisible under a weight of cloth, she has gravely harmed the tens of thousands of women of that country who demonstrated in the streets of Teheran at the risk of their lives; she has dangerously harmed those who still today continue that struggle to put an end to a political-religious dictatorship and she has scandalously shamed all the citizens, women and men, of the European Union.

And she chose to do that on the 8 March, International Day of Women’s Rights.

Mr. President, we write in the name of women worldwide who have contacted us to express their bitter resentment at this act.

We trust you will be our spokesperson towards Ms. Ashton as soon as she returns.

Very respectfully yours,

Président LDIF, Annie Sugier
President CLEF Olga Trostiansky

(*)video of the Iranian women demonstration againts the chador in March 1979:

Uploaded on May 16, 2011

Mouvement de libération des femmes iraniennes année zero - English Subtitles.
► 11:56► 11:56‎
May 16, 2011 - Uploaded by Stop the Bomb (Germany)

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version française, siawi article 7157