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Tearing ISIS flag at World Humanist Congress !

Wednesday 13 August 2014, by siawi3


Maryam Namazie tears ISIS flag at World Humanist Congress 10 August 2014

Ajoutée le 11 août 2014
Maryam Namazie tears ISIS flag at World Humanist Congress and calls on all to focus on fascist Islamists rather than “Aggressive atheists”.
Director: Reza Moradi
10 August 2014

See full text:
Hello everyone.
Richard Dawkins, I just wanted to thank you as well for all the support you have given to ex-Muslims. Over the years working with ex-Muslims across the world, I think thousands upon thousands have mentioned your name and books as one of the reasons why they have come out as atheists. Whilst it is dangerous, many people have been coming out and social media has paved the way for that.
I just want to make one comment and that is on the constant insistence that atheists are “aggressive” . Aggressive are the Islamists who are the fascists of this era – killing people as we speak.
I’d like us to take this opportunity to look beyond our little worlds and to look at the state of many many people across the world - Muslims and none - who are faced with this new fascism – the dark ages of our era.
ISIS – this is their flag (which says on it “There is no god but Allah; Mohammad is his prophet”) – they have surrounded people in Sinjar who are dying of hunger and are slaughtering people as we stay here.
I suggest we all stop calling ourselves “aggressive atheists” and focus on the barbarians of our era.

[Maryam Namazie then rips the ISIS flag.]
[Richard Dawkins stands up as do others.]
[Richard Dawkins then says: “Ladies and gentlemen, Maryam Namazie, a great hero”.]