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Stop Growing Conflicts Around the Globe !

​Condemnation of Brutal Atrocities by ISIS on Minorities in Iraq and Syria

Thursday 14 August 2014, by siawi3

Source: COVA, August 13, 2014

Call for all World Leaders to Stop Growing Conflicts Around the Globe

Press Report

Members of civil society organisations, academics, journalists and concerned citizens of Hyderabad demonstrated against the brutalities and atrocities being perpetrated by ISIS (Islamic State in Syria and Iraq) against Christians, Shias, Kurds, Yazidis and other minorities in Iraq.

It is even more reprehensible that these brutalities are being carried out by misusing the name of Islam and for promoting a narrow sectarian ideology. We urge all people the world over to condemn these inhuman actions unequivocally. We specially call upon all the leaders of Islamic faith to come out openly and in large numbers to denounce the ideology of ISIS and expose the satanic character of their actions.

We express our solidarity with all the victims of the atrocities of ISIS and urge United Nations and all countries to initiate appropriate and immediately action to contain ISIS and ensure full and complete protection of minorities and all other citizens of Iraq and Syria.

We also condemn the foreign policy of America that is totally and directly responsible for promoting elements like ISIS and Taliban for its selfish and limited geopolitical and economic interests that is putting the future of the entire world and humanity at grave risk.

COVA Interfaith Forum Henry Martin Institute IFTU POW

PDSU New democracy TRC India Peace Center (Nagpur)