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UK: “Struggle Or Submission”: On WAF’s beginnings


Tuesday 19 August 2014, by siawi3

Siawi pays tribute to WAF, a formidable women’s organization that just closed down, by posting this 1989 film which documents WAF’s beginnings. WAF’s rare political clarity will be badly missed.

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Struggle or Submission” was made by Gita Sahgal for the documentary series ’Bandung File’ in 1989. Commissioned by Channel Four.

“Bandung File decided to film the first and most famous public stand by WAF, a picket against a massive march of Muslim men demanding death to Rushdie and a blasphemy law to protect Islam. As I was one of the organizers of the picket, i obviously could not film it myself. I filmed women working and living in the refuge who had their own interpretation of Islam - which did not justify fundamentalist threats.”
WAF member Gita Sahgal, quoted from ’Knowing my place’, in “Women Against fundamentalism: Stories of dissent and solidarity”, 2014, LW